America’s most famous wild horses are under attack


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

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Photo by Kimerlee Curyl

If you want to go see wild horses, chances are you’ll find yourself just outside Salt Lake City, visiting the Onaqui wild horse herd of Utah. They’re among the most famous (and most photographed) wild horses in the country.

Now the Bureau of Land Management is about to destroy the herd and roundup more than 90% of these iconic horses.

This is a fight we have to win. Sign the petition now and demand that the BLM preserve the Onaqui wild horse herd.

This is the beginning of a multi-week campaign to stop this devastating roundup. We’ll be rallying supporters, lobbying lawmakers, and activating the local community that treasures these horses.

We have to stop this roundup:

  • Utah would lose an important ecotourism resource. The horses attract thousands of tourists and photographers a year. Several of these horses have become so well-known, they’ve been given names – like the beloved “Old Man,” a 28-year-old stallion enjoying his elder years with the herd.
  • The roundups are devastating and cruel — using helicopters to run horses, including foals (babies), for miles until they’re exhausted. Many are injured, breaking their legs and necks, crashing into fences. Some die from their injuries and from exhaustion.
  • Taxpayers shouldn’t spend millions on this unnecessary abuse.Proven, humane, and cost-effective management solutions already exist. In fact, the American Wild Horse Campaign has offered to work with the BLM to expand and fund a proven fertility control program to reduce population growth without removing horses from their homes on the range.

Add your name: Stop the brutal roundup of America’s most iconic wild horses!

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