40% of Wyoming’s wild horses are in jeopardy. We need a massive show of force to save them.


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

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40% of Wyoming’s wild horses are at risk of being rounded up and removed from public lands.

We have two weeks to gather public comments OPPOSING this cruel and unprecedented assault on Wyoming’s cherished horses.

ACTION ALERT: Add your name here to help us STOP the Wyoming Wild Horse Wipeout and help save the Checkerboard wild horses!

The Wyoming Wild Horse Wipeout By The Numbers:

For nearly a decade, the Checkerboard wild horse population has been a top target of the powerful Rock Springs Grazing Association and the livestock industry. Now, the Bureau of Land Management is preparing to bend to their demands and deal a devastating, irreversible blow to Wyoming’s wild horses.

The scope of the proposed plan is unprecedented, and will result in the destruction of the magnificent wild horses of the Wyoming Checkerboard. If we fail to generate a massive show of force, these horses will be lost forever.

Please, help save these magnificent mustangs at a time when their survival is on the line: Add your name to oppose the Wyoming Wild Horse Wipeout →

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American Wild Horse Campaign


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