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Another Augie and Spuds Adventure: Pulling a Drag – Round Pen


Mini donkeys Spuds and Augie are always up for a new challenge–like adding a new element to their round pen workout routine!

“Hey, Spuds! What do you think she has in mind to do today with all these straps?”

“Oomph! She told me to go forward just like we did before, but something is holding me back…oh, now it is coming behind me! What’s happening?!”

“You’re attached to a tire! Here, follow me!”

“Oh boy, now it’s my turn, Augie!”
“Don’t worry, Spuds. I’m right behind you…this tire’s not that scary.”

“Excuse me, Spuds! I had to stop to pee. Just go ahead and pass me and I’ll catch up to you when I’m done!”

“That was really easy, but now what is she doing, Augie?”

“Whoa! Hey, Spuds, where are you going?”
“Sorry, Augie, she forgot to say ‘Gee!”

“Okay, now this is MUCH better and a lot easier to pull as a team!!!”

“You got that right, Augie!”

BLM Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board Hears Findings from Scientific Review


The following is a post by Wild Mustang Robin of the Youths’ Equestrian Alliance.

This post is hard for me to write. When I heard a wild horse had been murdered, I think of everyone who loved this wild one – especially kids.

Not only has this beautiful stallion been slain by bullets, another was killed with arrows in the same area!

This week there has been talk about wild horses being dangerous after a child was kicked while feeding a wild horse. Unfortunately it is us who are a danger to them.

Wild horses are majestic and respectful but we must honor them. Feeding them is dangerous because it brings them down to the roads where they are in danger of being hit and they may fight over the food which can put you in danger. They are not public safety concerns – as some say – it is us who have taken away their safety.

Because people feed the wild ones, they are more trusting of us and our cars. Please do not feed them.

♥ If you want to feed and pet a wild horse there are 50,000 in holding pens waiting for a kind touch and a good home ♥

I teach my friends when we go out on field observations to never get too close to the wild ones and to never feed them. But we get to come back to the stables and pet adopted mustangs.

Now, back to the horse-killer. I hope and pray we get justice for these horses and for all the people who loved them. I pray for all the wild horses and burros that they will be safe from bad people and cars.

Can you help us continue our mission of teaching youth about the proper ways to view these marvelous and majestic creatures? Can you help us raise awareness about the horrible killings? Us kids want to know we live in a world where there is justice for animals. Your gift of a dollar goes a long ways! Thank you for your help!

Wild Mustang Robin (Robin Warren)

Please visit the Youths’ Equestrian Alliance page for more information on how you can help.

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What’s New with Roll? Lunging & Mounting


Roll had a very good day today. It has been awhile since his last workout and I wasn’t sure I was going to ride him, but I saddled him in case he looked like he would be able to handle it. Roll had a chiropractic adjustment on his right hip that helped the twisting right foot to be able to move in a more straight forward fashion. Equines, like us, can get locked up when we don’t move around enough and I suspect that is what happened with Roll’s hip.

We went to the round pen and did 5 rotations of walk each direction and 8 rotations of trot each direction. Then I climbed on board with no help this time, Steve came in and removed the mounting block and we were off. Roll did fantastic. He was a little lazy, but very light in the bridle and very willing to do two rotations at walk each direction with an “S” turn through the middle for a change of direction with a rein back at the beginning and end of his workout. Since he had not worked in awhile, I left it up to him as to whether he felt like breaking into trot. He did not seem to want to do this with no cues from me, so I opted not to press him any further. He had already done much more than I expected that he would!


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Romulus and Remus, A Big Pair of Asses…


(Equus africanus asinus, to be exact!)

This is a special entry by Phil Yellott, owner of Romulus, who has been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Largest Donkey.

Cara and I wanted to get a couple of donkeys for guard animals. We saw a couple of mammoth donkeys on Craigslist, who were very skinny and underfed. We contacted the owner, and were able to negotiate a price so we could get them. We named them Romulus and Remus after the legendary founders of the Roman empire. Romulus is 9 years old, and his little brother Remus is 7.

The two brothers are very close, most of the time it is like having one donkey with eight feet! We love them very much. We have been working very hard to get them healthy. We contacted the American Donkey and Mule Society (ADMS) about whether they were registered, and were told that if they were as tall as we thought, that they might be a candidate for the world’s tallest donkey. After researching the record, we saw that Oklahoma Sam was 15.3, and it seemed like Romulus was a good bit taller than that.


At about 3:30 PM on Friday, February 8th, 2013 at 4C Stables, Dr. Valerie Jaffe, D.V.M., measured Romulus three times, each time finding his height to be 17 hands, or 68 inches tall. This is 172.72 centimeters in height.His brother Remus was also measured, and he was measured at 16.2 hands, 66” in height.

If you would like to have them at your event, please contact us. -Phil

Romulus’s information:
Size: 17 Hands (68 Inches, 172.72 CM)
Weight: about 1200 pounds
Age: 9
Breed: American Mammoth Jackstock


The tallest donkey living is Romulus, a 9-year-old American Mammoth Jackstock, who measured 17 hands (172.72 cm; 5 ft 8 in) tall on 8 February 2013, and is owned by Cara and Phil Yellott of Red Oak, Texas, USA.
Cara Barker Yellott and Phil Yellott
Proud owners of Romulus and Remus
3708 Ovilla Rd.
Red Oak, TX 75154
Romulus’ Website
Romulus’ Facebook
214-724-8527 (Cara)
903-399-6851 (Phil)


BLM Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board Hears Findings from Scientific Review


Excerpted from an article by the American Wild Horse Preservation.

Members of BLM’s citizen advisory board heard findings from the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) review of the wild horse and burro program at a three-day meeting last week in Arlington, VA.

Among the key findings: that BLM census figures, range monitoring data and Appropriate Management Levels lack scientific foundation. Also presenting at the meeting were members of the Navajo Nation, which presented statistics on its recent spate of wild horse roundups and asked for federal funding to continue to remove wild horses from tribal lands.

AWHPC was on hand at the meeting to present findings of our report indicating that the BLM is giving away the vast majority of forage in wild horse areas to private livestock, and poll results showing strong public support for protection of wild horses and opposition to horse slaughter.

To read the AWHPC’s eyewitness report on the meeting, please visit their website.

A Place in Your Heart for Hearts & Horses


Our friends at Hearts & Horses, the non-profit therapeutic riding facility located in Loveland, CO, need your support. They have organized a few great events coming up–see below for more information on how you can help, whether you’re in Colorado or beyond!

The Power of the Horse Extravaganza is a rider showcase, open house and concert to support Hearts & Horses and encourage community growth. The event will also include activity booths and delicious local food truck vendors. Hearts & Horses is looking for riders, sponsors and volunteers for this event as well, if you have the time and skills to contribute more.

This day of fun starts at 11:30am on Sunday, September 22, 2013.

If you can’t make it to the party, you can experience the concert at home by listening to and purchasing the album of songs here. All of these great songs were written especially for this event!

Hearts & Horses’ annual gala is also coming up, and this year the theme is: Lucky Hearts Casino Night. This event will be held on Saturday, October 5, at the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology in Loveland. This is a great way to support Hearts & Horses while also having a fun night out. For more information on this event, and to purchase tickets, become a sponsor, or donate any items to the silent auction, click here.