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  1. Evelyn Hunter
    January 16, 2022 @ 9:36 pm

    Love his name and looks! I almost cringe every time I have to call my “granddog” who I am stuck with right now- did you realize Max was the number one dog name for the last 10 years!!! I am strickly a strange name person .In 2016 I gave a beautiful 80 lb Labrador to a friend and she changed her name to Goldie (shudder).- the owner passed away Dec 26th and I got Goldie back( now at 120 I have to figure out how to get 40 lbs off of her) but its been so long I do not want to change her name. We have a red heeler named Cowgirl- she came with the name Calamity Jane but I did NOT need any more calamities so changed it! We also have a blue heeler named Spaghetti; a Catahoula named Rhumba Rhythm (swings her butt), a smooth Brussels Griffon who came with the name Cody (owner died), a rough black Brusels Griffon name Shadow (he is one), and a pit cross we named Lovebug but she could not keep her feet to herself so she is now Phoots! Lost my favorite best friend while I was in the hospital 2 months- a Doberman named Stetson. At present am down from an average of 20 donkeys to one jenny Pickadilly (she is grey but was named Brownie when I got her) a white now but was dappled grey speed racking pony (supposedly rather famous up North) named of all things Blue- nothing blue about him, and an Appaloose stallion called Ghost- was told his reg name is Double the Bill. Seems when the owner of his dam bought her she was bred and she boarded her with someone who did not speak English well so… one day she got a phone call and all the man said that she could make out was “double the bill”- seems her mare had foaled and he wanted her to know she had to pay full price for the foal as well! Good luck with this guy- know you will enjoy him.


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