Another Augie & Spuds Adventure: Learning to Ground Drive


Our mini donkeys Spuds and Augie got all dressed up and went for a little turn in the round pen, as they successfully completed their first attempt at ground-driving. Check out what they had to say:

Spuds and Augie prepare for their big day.

“Now that's more like it--working at OUR level!”
“A few last-minute adjustments so everything fits us just right!”
“Leading as a team is easy if you’ve done your homework.”
“Hey, I wonder if WE could use one of those sticks to reach farther!”
“Hmm, “Walk on” is pretty much the same, even with all this stuff on us!”
“Pick up your heels, Spuds, I think she wants us to go faster!”
“Not too fast, though… she wants us walking beside her here.”
“Now we’re the leaders—all our hard work in training is finally paying off!”

  1. Hannah06-16-2012

    Great work! So proud of you little boys!!

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