What’s the Big Idea? Spuds and Augie Get Dressed!


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Spuds and Augie had another fine adventure this morning! Here is what they said…

Augie: “Hi, Mer”
Good grooming is really important!
“Hi, Mer!” “ Oh, Hi Spuds!”
"You say that's a WHAT?!!!!”
"Oh, it tickles my nose…ah-chooo!"
"What do you think, Augie, is this your size?"
"Boy, I don’t know about this!"
“Maybe a little too big?”
“Mmm…the bit’s hangin’ a little low!”
“I can’t see, I can’t either…which way are we going?!!!!”
“I thought you said this was a Mini harness!!!”
“Guess we still need to go shopping!”

  1. Kathleen Trigeiro Hansen03-09-2012

    These two guys are so cute!!

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