What’s the Big Idea? A CHRISTMAS Adventure with Spuds and Augie


Hey everybody—it’s Spuds here with an update! SO, yesterday Meredith gave us some really neat hats to keep our heads warm and they even have holes for our ears. After we got our hats on, we went outside in the snow and did some holiday errands.

One_Check Mail

1. Check mail for note from Santa — DONE!

Two Hide Statues

2. Play trick on Meredith by hiding in statues — DONE!

Three Lunch sm

3. Grab a little lunch — DONE!

Four Relax

4. Relax in the Ga-Zee-Bow — DONE!

Five Be Thankful

5. Be thankful for all our mule, donkey, horse & human friends — DONE!


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