We’re suing to stop CA wild horse slaughter


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

If we don’t stop it, the federal government will sell hundreds of wild horses, including those pictured below, for slaughter.

We just filed a lawsuit to block this horrible plan, and we need your support.

Unbelievably, in less than 90 days, the U.S. Forest Service intends to offer federally-protected wild horses for sale without limitation on slaughter. The horses — who are being rounded up right now from the Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory in the Modoc National Forest near Alturas, California — will be sold by the trailerload for $1 a piece. Kill buyers will be allowed to purchase these wild horses and truck them across the border to Canadian slaughter plants, where these American icons will be butchered and turned into horsemeat for human consumption overseas.

Not on our watch. 

To make sure we’re successful, we need to raise $20,000 by this Friday. Donate now, and help us stop the federal government from selling these cherished wild horses for slaughter.

The Forest Service’s roundup and slaughter plan is one of the most brazen acts of destruction we’ve seen this year. And all so that ranchers who hold grazing permits in the Forest can put MORE cattle on our public lands.

If everyone steps up, we can stop this. Please donate now to stop wild horse slaughter and help us reach our $20,000 fundraising goal by this Friday.

Thank you!


Suzanne Roy, Executive Director


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