Utah wild horses need your voice today


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Photo of Muddy Creek mustangs by Robert Hammer

The BLM is seeking public comments for the roundup and removal of up to 149 “excess” horses – or 66% of the population – from inside and outside the Muddy Creek Herd Management Area (HMA) in Utah.

The mustang’s habitat is made up of 283,000 acres of land, but the BLM only allows between 75-125 horses to reside within itAccording to the BLM, removing the horses is necessary to prevent degradation to the range. But here’s the kicker: they permit nearly five times that number for livestock on allotments that overlap with the HMA.

Not only is this roundup ridiculous, but if Congress approves any of the BLM’s options in its recent report, the horses removed from this area are in danger of being killed, sold for slaughter, or sterilized.

Instead of this plan that endangers these herds, the BLM should immediately implement a comprehensive PZP program in the HMA to vaccinate enough mares to significantly reduce population growth rates over time.

Please take one moment to let the BLM know that the Muddy Creek wild horses need to remain wild and free on our public lands in Utah!  

Thank you for caring about America’s wild horses and burros,

– The AWHC Team



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