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The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

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The Latest from Capitol Hill: Appropriations and Wild Horses

This year Congress is considering new policy riders that are critical to the future of wild horses on public lands in the west. The House legislation includes one potentially catastrophic provision — a risky scheme to remove enough horses from the range to return populations to extinction levels for the benefit of ranchers, and one very good provision — an extension of the slaughter prohibition to wild horses on U.S. Forest Service land. Read more on the appropriations process and what’s in store for wild horses below.


Report on the Reno, Nevada Wild Horse Summit

Last month, we attended a “Wild Horse Summit” in Reno organized by the Society for Range Management and the Wildlife Society, two organizations heavily dominated by the livestock and hunting industries. The event was a follow up to the 2017 “Slaughter Summit,” held in Salt Lake City, from which pro-wild horse, anti-slaughter voices were excluded. We agreed to attend this event to represent the interest of wild horse protection and the voice of the public – which overwhelmingly supports the preservation of wild horses on our public lands – and will continue to do so in the conversations that ensue. Read more in our report on the summit below.


Virginia Range Fertility Control Program Gallops Ahead

In April, the State of Nevada reinstated our fertility control darting program for the Virginia Range wild horses. Administering the proven and humane PZP vaccine, trained volunteers have now effectively darted and documented more than 400 mares on the range in just over two months. We thank Governor Steve Sisolak, Assembly Minority Leader Jim Wheeler and leading Nevada tech company Blockchains LLC for their support of the program and their commitment to protecting the Virginia Range horses. Read more on this groundbreaking program below.


Video Highlight of the Week: About PZP


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