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‘Tis the Season, time to join AAE every day this month as we share stories straight from the barn to show how your support has helped horses in 2018.   This year was very special, and there are so many stories to be thankful for!
As we count down to 2019, please help us prepare for another year of helping horses.  Your donations will assure we have ample funding for veterinary care to
help horses in need as we move into a new year.
We want to thank everyone for their love and support!
We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do!

Have a great holiday season!


It’s AAE story-time!  Horses of 2018: 

Dia and Noche

Dia came to AAE with her buddy Noche on January 14, 2018.  Her owner lived alone and was experiencing a major health issue.  She was unable manage the physical requirements of caring for her two horses.  These two girls were delivered to AAE by a friend, and they unloaded from the trailer like it was just another day.  Ho hum!
Noche appeared to be in good health.  She was a 20 year old Quarter Horse/Paso Fino mare in good condition, and very easy to handle.  She was about 13.2 hh, and we just loved her lil’ legs!! She was scheduled for updating dental, vaccines, and farrier.  She was a gem, soooo good with the vet and farrier, and she loved grooming and attention.  Noche was going to make someone a fabulous pony.
Dia was a super cute little (~14.0 hh), 21 year old Arabian mare.  She had a history of showing successfully in halter, and her easy going temperament occasionally allowed someone to hop on and head down the trail, even though she had no formal training.  Her prior owner indicated she had not been ridden a lot, but she took it all in stride and did quite well.  She also said she could benefit from some chiropractic work, and might be suitable for light riding. Dia was on the thin side, but it might have been because lil’ Noche was tubby Noche.

Dia’s was also vet checked and her dental, vaccines and hoof care were updated.  Her vet check went pretty well.  She had multiple melanomas under, around, and on her tail and a few in other areas. Did I say multiple?  I meant a lot!  They’re often not a problem, but she had two around her rectal area that needed to be removed.  One was ulcerated and painful, and flies would be a big nuisance if left alone.  The other was internal, on or near her anal sphincter, and it was golf ball sized.  It was pushing her rectum to the side.  If not removed, it would likely continue to grow and push more into the rectum and block the passage of manure.  Dia also had a melanoma in the corner of her mouth on the left side.  This one was removed so she could comfortably wear a bit, should she be ridden with a bit in the future.  Last, but not least, she had a large melanoma on her hip area.  It was raised and in an area where it would be easy to catch on gates or other things she brushed against, an injury ready to happen.  Though it wasn’t ulcerated or otherwise an issue, it made sense to remove when the others were removed.  The melanomas were removed and she recovered nicely, thought he hip area was deep and healing would take time.  Dia was easy to handle; she was good with the farrier; and she also enjoy grooming and attention.

Dentals done, vaccines updated, hoof care completed, deworming done, ready for adoption.  Fortunately, Noche and Dia came at just the right time; they were perfect for an adopter waiting for a couple nice horses that could be grand-baby ponies!  They are now with their forever family, and they have little girls of their own.

28 days until 2019, YOUR donation means more horses can be helped!  Donate Today!



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