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Join us in celebrating 2 years of our PZP Program!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Today marks 2 years since we relaunched our PZP fertility control program in the Virginia Range in Nevada. We can’t believe it’s been 2 years already! 

Porcine Zona Pellucida (PZP) is a scientifically-proven fertility control vaccine given to female horses on the range through an injection via remote darting with an air rifle. It’s administered in a two shot process — the first is a primer, which is then followed by a booster approximately two weeks later. The vaccine prevents fertilization and pregnancy via an immune response that does not affect the horse’s hormonal system.

The result is a humane and cost efficient way to control wild horse populations, rather than subjecting wild horses to brutal helicopter roundups!

But these successes are only possible because of the continued support of people like you. Will you make a donation today to help us continue our PZP program and our other important research to protect wild horses and burros?

Johnny, an AWHC volunteer darting a mare.

We signed our Virginia Range Fertility Control Cooperative Agreement with the Nevada Department of Agriculture 2 years ago, today, with support from Nevada Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, Blockchains CEO Jeff Berns and Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak. And Erica, we’re happy to report that we’ve celebrated some pretty big successes since then! 

Take a look below at some of our PZP program’s successes to date:

Total Treatments administered: 3,552 Total mares treated: 1,416 Number of horses in our database: 3,300 wild horses Total number of volunteers: : Approximately 35 volunteers Volunteer hours spent: Over 21,300  to date  Number of properties we have permission to dart on: 80+ properties including a massive amount of BLM.

Right now, we are early into foaling season, Erica, but so far we are trending with 62% fewer foals born on the Range compared to this time last year. Even better, the current numbers reflect a zero population growth, which is fantastic given our goal of humane population reduction in this herd whose habitat has been dramatically reduced by development! These numbers will continue to fluctuate and change as we get further into foaling season, but it is a very promising start.

Will you help us to continue the successes of our PZP program with a donation today? A contribution of $30 or more will help us prevent removals and keep the historic Virginia Range wild horse herd wild and humanely managed on the range!


Thank you for your support,
Suzanne Roy

Executive Director
American Wild Horse Campaign