Another Augie and Spuds Adventure: A Spooky Adventure at Lucky Three Ranch



“Well, this is new, grooming in our pen, Augie!”                      “Yeah this is different, Spuds. Where are we going now?”


“What’s all this in our pen, Augie?”                                            “Hmm, looks like pumpkins, but smells like oats, Spuds!”


“Now what’s she doing, Augie?!”                                                  “Looks like a sheet to me, Spuds…can you see?!


“I can see better if I just look down, Augie.”                               “That does work better, Spuds. Now what is she doing?!”


“Guess we are supposed to be ghosts in a graveyard, Augie!”    “What the heck is SHE supposed to be, Spuds?!”


“She is fixing the sheets so we can see better, Augie!”                 “Yeah, Spuds. This is MUCH better!”


“She sure looks funny, but I like going for a walk, Augie!”  “Wrangler and Chasity don’t seem to mind how we look!”


“We’re back in ASSPEN again, Spuds! This is fun!”                 “Check out the Indian behind us, Augie! He’s really cool!”


“ASSPEN is a great town, Augie!”                                             “Hmm, another graveyard, Spuds! Smells like oats!”


“Why is the lady in a box, Augie?!”                                                “This is the Undertaker, Spuds…she’s dead!”


“Mom is hexing her, Augie!”                                                         “It’s okay, Spuds. She’s the WALKING DEAD! What a great
Halloween Adventure!”