Stop Flu Where it Starts

The following is from the Merck Animal Health:

Stop Flu where it starts.

Trust Flu Avert® I.N. for superior protection against relevant flu strains threatening the U.S. horse population.1

Just ONE dose required
An ideal first flu vaccine for young horses, providing protection at the site of infection and long-lasting immunity

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Proven Safe and effective
Intranasal application leaves no risk for injection site reactions to interfere with training or competing

Rapid onset of protection
Onset of flu protection within five to seven days following one dose – no matter when your horse was last vaccinated for flu.2

Now That’s Exceptional.

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1UC Davis (Nicola Pusterla) & Merck Animal Health. Infectious Upper Respiratory Surveillance Program. Ongoing Research 2008-present.

2Townsend HGG. Onset of protection against live-virus equine influenza challenge following vaccination naive horses with a modified-live vaccine. Unpublished data.

Get Vaccination Right

Ask your veterinarian for Prestige®, Encevac®, Prodigy ®and EquiRab® brand vaccines. Learn more about Merck Animal Health and the equine products and programs that help keep horses healthy

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Giving Back

Every vaccine purchased through Merck supports the plight of the unwanted horse through the Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Campaign.

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