Wrangler’s Donkey Diary: Second Lesson Day 6-4-18

Simple hairbrush bristles remove more undercoat

Bristles are longer which is enough to get it all

The loose hair on top scrapes off easily

No more shedding blade hair breakage

Place girth 4 inches from forearm

Adjust back girth snug enough to hold the saddle down

Lossen crupper strap & insert tail

Scratch rear for relaxation of the tail

Adjust snugly, but not tight

Place saddle over the center of balance

Much improved walking in sync

Patient while opening gate

Proper turn through the gate

Improved gate posture

More impulsion & flexibility at walk left

 Improved posture & balance at walk left

First offer to trot easily

Beginning to find his balance

Begin reverse

Complete reverse on correct pivot foot

Improved posture & balance at walk right

Improved posture & balance at walk right

Offer to trot right

Finding balance at trot right

Hindquarter engagement before halt

We did GOOD!

Improved in sync back to work station

Remove bridle & put on halter

Slide saddle back to loosen crupper – learns to stand quietly

Slide crupper off tail

Remove saddle

Back to the barn IN SYNC!