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Another Augie and Spuds Adventure: More Ground Driving


“Hey, Augie! Vacuuming isn’t scary when Mom is the same size as us!”

 “That is so true! And she is really careful not to hurt us!”


“Say Spuds, what are the long lines for?”…”Who cares, Augie, when there’s oats on the floor?!”

“Okay Augie, you get to go first! Walk on!”


“I get it! This is why she wanted us to go ahead of her the last lesson!

 “And Gee means go right! Wow! This is easy and even kinda fun!”


“I see what you mean, Augie! Haw means go left!”


“And then we just keep on walking ahead of her! This really is fun!”


“Okay, now she has us tied together again. What do you suppose she’s going to do now?”


“Hey Spuds, Now we get to walk on together. I think I like the games she plays with us!”

“And now a back up…we can do that!”

“You little guys are the best! Thanks for a great job!”

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Another Augie & Spuds Adventure: Learning to Ground Drive


Our mini donkeys Spuds and Augie got all dressed up and went for a little turn in the round pen, as they successfully completed their first attempt at ground-driving. Check out what they had to say:

Spuds and Augie prepare for their big day.

“Now that's more like it--working at OUR level!”
“A few last-minute adjustments so everything fits us just right!”
“Leading as a team is easy if you’ve done your homework.”
“Hey, I wonder if WE could use one of those sticks to reach farther!”
“Hmm, “Walk on” is pretty much the same, even with all this stuff on us!”
“Pick up your heels, Spuds, I think she wants us to go faster!”
“Not too fast, though… she wants us walking beside her here.”
“Now we’re the leaders—all our hard work in training is finally paying off!”


Another Augie & Spuds Adventure: Castration


It’s a special time in any young equine’s life, when he makes the transition from boy to… gelding. Our brave mini donkeys Spuds and Augie recently made the switch, thanks to the steady hand of our trusted veterinarian and a little something to encourage their naptime. When they woke up, the procedure was already done… perhaps it was only a dream?

A brave Spuds stands with Meredith.


“Oh, boy…another big adventure! I wonder what’s in store for us today!”
“What’s she doing?!” “I dunno, this seems a little different from our normal haircuts!”
“I’ll get to the bottom of this! Right after I… take a little… nap…”
 “Yawwwwn! Much better. Now what was I gonna do a minute ago…?”
“Hmm, something seems different. But what?! I’ve still got my ears, my tail, my nose…”
“I’m gonna be a gelding? What does THAT mean? And will it make me any taller?”
“All done! Time to wake up, Augie!”
“Why’s everyone staring?” “I’m not sure… just keep standing here and looking cute!”

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