Another Augie and Spuds Adventure: Surcingles and Obstacles


Miniature donkeys Spuds and Augie tried out some new moves in the indoor arena!

Augie navigates the cones

Check out the rest of the pictures below!

Hurry up, Augie…we get to go to the indoor arena and play with the obstacles today!
Are we supposed to go over the bridge or around it? She’s so tall I can’t tell by her face!
When she comes down to our level, I understand what she wants!
Turning around in a tractor tire? On the ground? That’s pretty cool.
A serpentine through the cones? Easy as pie!
It’s a little tricky going through the tires here, but she’s supportive!
It’s okay, Augie…just take it one step at a time!
Here I am, right behind you, Augie! Looking good!
Oh, I shouldn’t have been joking around…now it’s my turn!
What was it you said to Augie…one step at a time?
Here we go, the cones…no problem!
Whoa, this tire’s a lot bigger than me! Help!
I’m getting out of here!
Back on the bridge… this is actually pretty fun now that we know what to do!
Yee-haw! Let’s play!
Oh yeah, the gate again—this is easy now, too!
Aww, I guess it’s time to go back to the barn… and I was just getting warmed up, too!

  1. Hannah02-05-2013

    I want Spuds and Augie. They are so cute!!

  2. Kim Van Drisse03-19-2019

    I’d love to do something like this with my mini’s… they are a bonded trio – sisters and a son… and are 15, 18 and 20…. they don’t seperate well, and not sure I could handle all 3 at once… :-) sure looks like fun though.

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