Another Augie and Spuds Adventure: Surcingles and Obstacles


Hurry up, Augie…we get to go to the indoor arena and play with the obstacles today!

“Hurry up, Augie…we get to go to the indoor arena and play with the obstacles today!”

Are we supposed to go over the bridge or around it? She’s so tall I can’t tell by her face!

“Can’t we just go around this way, Augie?” I think we’re supposed to go over, Spuds, but she’s so tall I can’t tell by her face!”

When she comes down to our level, I understand what she wants!

“Oh good, now she’s at our level!”

Turning around in a tractor tire? On the ground? That’s pretty cool.

“Turning around in a tractor tire is kinda cool.”

A serpentine through the cones? Easy as pie!

“Doing a serpentine through the cones is easy as pie!”

It’s a little tricky going through the tires here, but she’s supportive!

“A little tricky through the tires, but she’s supportive! Hey, Spuds, whatcha doin’ back there?”

It’s okay, Augie…just take it one step at a time!

It’s okay, Augie…just take it one step at a time!”

Here I am, right behind you, Augie! Looking good!

“Here I am Augie! Right behind ya all the way!”
“Sure you are, Spuds!”

Oh, I shouldn’t have been joking around…now it’s my turn!

“Oh no! OI shouldn’t have made fun of Augie…now it’s my turn!”

What was it you said to Augie…one step at a time?

“What was that you said to Augie…one step at a time?!”

Here we go, the cones…no problem!

“Cones…no sweat!”

Whoa, this tire’s a lot bigger than me! Help!

“This tire’s a lot bigger than me! Augie, HELP!”

I’m getting out of here!

“I’m leaving…Hey, Augie…where are you?”

Back on the bridge… this is actually pretty fun now that we know what to do!

“Actually, this was pretty fun!”

Yee-haw! Let’s play!

“Yee Hah! Let’s play!”

Oh yeah, the gate again—this is easy now, too!

“Oh yeah…the gate!”

Aww, I guess it’s time to go back to the barn… and I was just getting warmed up, too!

“Well, Augie, I guess it’s time to go back to the barn until our next big adventure!”
“Darn it, Spuds… I was just getting warmed up!… ’til the next time!”

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  1. Hannah02-05-2013

    I want Spuds and Augie. They are so cute!!

  2. Kim Van Drisse03-19-2019

    I’d love to do something like this with my mini’s… they are a bonded trio – sisters and a son… and are 15, 18 and 20…. they don’t seperate well, and not sure I could handle all 3 at once… :-) sure looks like fun though.

  3. Mart Ellen Spaite04-17-2021

    I am wondering where I can find a surcingle and bridle as you have pictured here?

    • Meredith04-22-2021

      I got their harness bridles from and their Ground Driving bridles from The bridles are Silver Fox Raised Snaffle bridles and I have punched extra holes in them to make them fit. You can also get their Ozark Mini/Pony Surcingle, but I am not sure if it would fit, or not. I have never used theirs. I had my surcingles made by my saddle maker especially for my mini donkeys. If you would like a picture of one, please email me at and I would be happy to send one to you.

  4. Mary Ellen Spaite04-17-2021

    For my mini donkey I would like to start training this way.

    • Meredith04-22-2021

      It has been a wonderful way to train Augie and Spuds. They have impeccable manners and will go anywhere and do anything that I want them to do. If you haven’t already, visit my website at and look in the various sections under TRAINING for how to do the exercises in a logical and sequential way, especially under TRAINING/ASK MEREDITH/NUTRITION & DIET/ TRAINING/TRAINING TIPS and TRAINING/ANOTHER AUGIE & SPUDS ADVENTURE (scroll down to the beginning).

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