Another Augie and Spuds Adventure: More Ground Driving 8-20-12

“Hey, Augie! Vacuuming isn’t scary when Mom is the same size as us!”

 “That is so true! And she is really careful not to hurt us!”


“Say Spuds, what are the long lines for?”…”Who cares, Augie, when there’s oats on the floor?!”

“Okay Augie, you get to go first! Walk on!”


“I get it! This is why she wanted us to go ahead of her the last lesson!

 “And Gee means go right! Wow! This is easy and even kinda fun!”


“I see what you mean, Augie! Haw means go left!”


“And then we just keep on walking ahead of her! This really is fun!”


“Okay, now she has us tied together again. What do you suppose she’s going to do now?”


“Hey Spuds, Now we get to walk on together. I think I like the games she plays with us!”

“And now a back up…we can do that!”

“You little guys are the best! Thanks for a great job!”

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