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The following is from the Colorado Horse Council:

Keeping the Heritage Alive!

Equine Heritage Foundation 

Learn More About the Foundation

Though the Heritage Rides had to be postponed, you can help support the fundraising efforts of the Colorado Horse Council (CHC) by making a “ride donation” to the The Equine Heritage Foundation.

The work of CHC in acting as the voice of the equine industry in our state must go on 12 months out of the year. The education and promotional efforts are essential to the continual growth and development of our equine organization. So your support is very important for us to continue our work and maintain the our efforts.

Your support to the Equine Heritage Foundation is an investment in Colorado’s vibrant horse industry, a gift that brings you measurable returns in services and opportunities that enhance your equine experience. We strive to benefit the horse industry, regardless of the participants’ discipline affiliation or breed preference, business type or recreational pursuit.

Currently are efforts are associated in building a fund to support the operations of the 2021 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. This 29 year annual event is in need of funds to maintain our planning process and marketing efforts. Though the commencement of 2020 Expo was able happen, the attendance was lower than expected due to the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. The loss in the ticket sales and the lack of The Heritage Ride fundraising means that we need to ask the equine community for financial assistance, Your support will allow us to maintain the planning and contractual processes necessary for 2021 Expo.

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Mid-Year Membership Renewal/New Membership Offer

Responsible Horse Owners are Members of the

Colorado Horse Council

It’s not too late to renew your CHC membership this year!

Renew today to benefit from exclusive member opportunities, services and discounts for the rest of the year.

Here are a few ways that your membership makes a difference:

-Membership fees help pay lobbyists to promote equine interests at

the State Capitol

-Allows you to make informed decisions with legislative updates

about the equine industry

Here are a few ways your membership directly benefits you:

-$1 million worth of excess liability insurance for equine activities

(Insurance benefits for 2020 end December 31, 2020)

-2 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Grounds Admissions tickets

-A business listing in the CHC member directory

-Discounts and member rates with associated equine companies

-Access to member mailing lists/directories/newsletters/email bulletins

Renew your CHC membership at Renew here

Become a new CHC member at Join here

Chip Your Horse

A valuable tool

Permanent Identification

Easy to do

Great value and peace of mind


Microchipping your horse is more important than you may think. The grain-of-rice-sized chip can prevent theft, help recovery after disasters and gives your horse a permanent ID and is registered in national databases.

An estimated 40,000 horses a year are taken from their owners either by strangers or opponents in civil or legal disputes. Microchipping your horse allows you to report he/she as stolen and help authorities find your horse much easier.

After the chaos of a natural disaster, a microchipped horse is much easier to locate and return to you. As Colorado residents, we face the threat of fires, floods and tornadoes. Your horses could go missing in these disasters and an unchipped horse could be impossible to return to the correct owner.

Finally, it’s affordable. The microchip and lifetime registration is $20 through the Colorado Equine Microchipping program. From there, you can call a veterinarian at your convenience to insert and register the microchip. A horse microchipped through the Colorado Equine Microchipping Program will meet all the required criteria to register for events and races.

To learn more about CHC’s microchip program visit Microchip my horse

“Support the Horse” License Plate Program

Looking for a unique way to support Colorado’s equine industry?

Purchase a “Support the Horse” license plate for $30. All proceeds fund statewide research, education and promotion that enhances the equine industry in Colorado.

This year we are making it easier than ever, the process is now online. This makes the program more secure and easily accessible. Here are the simple steps to get started:

  • Donate online to the CHDA Support the Horse Program License plate program
  • Receive a DMV pin number by email
  • Bring the pin number with you to the DMV and show the pin number and email to the DMV Clerk

The entire process all done online, no longer wait in line at the DMV!

Show everyone you support Colorado’s equine industry and they should too!