Another Augie and Spuds Adventure: A Fabulous Snow Day! 10-31-19

AUGIE & SPUDS: SNOWPLAY…A FABULOUS SNOW DAY! No matter what season it is, there is always a way to turn training into fun with your equines. Usually, Augie and Spuds will just stand in their stalls when there is snow on the ground. I suppose they don’t like getting their feet wet and their stall is a nice, comfortable place with deep shavings. They do enjoy my encouragement to go exploring though, even if they have to get their feet wet! See more adventures with Augie and Spuds on my website at under TRAINING/ANOTHER AUGIE & SPUDS ADVENTURE.

I decided to take them to the North Pasture this morning to play where the Lucky Three Sundowner bronze sculpture is situated. After going through the gate the way they were trained to do, I removed their halters and began our play session by asking them to come and see the statue. I was able to Get Down with my Minis by sitting on the base, then slid to my knees into the snow. Spuds scoped out the area while I “shook hands” with Augie. Spuds can be ornery, so he might have been saying to me, “Kiss my ass. I’m not shaking hands right now!” BUT…I just ignore the bad, or questionable, behaviors! At least he isn’t running off!

Next, I went to the middle of the pasture and dropped to my knees. Then I gave them permission to go exploring.

After scoping out what was on the other side of the road, they returned. I got up and quickly ran to the fence on the south side and called them to me. When they arrived, I “shook their hands” and gave them their reward of crimped oats. Although Spuds was a bit reluctant at first, he complied this time. Augie is ALWAYS willing to do what I ask!

I allowed them to mosey around for a little longer. They thought the snow was pretty cool after that!

Then I dropped to my knees again near the gate, called them over and put on their halters. They were PERFECT!

It was time to execute the gate properly again and head back to the barn…what fun on a sunny winter day!

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