Wild horses just gained some new friends >>

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

If there’s one thing we’ve proven through our national awareness campaign this year ➡️ It’s that once people hear about the tragedies our cherished wild horses and burros face, they are angry, they are energized, and they are ready to take action! 

That’s why, as a continuation of our public awareness efforts and as the organization at the forefront of the battle for the future of America’s wild mustangs, we are thrilled to introduce the American Wild Horse Campaign’s *NEW* Ambassador Program!

Wild Horses Just Gained Some New Friends: Photos of Kaitlynn Carter, Jenni Kayne, Jessica Springsteen, Chloe Gosselin, Brandi Cyrus, Alicia Hannah-Kim, Danielle Vasinova

Among the individuals joining AWHC in our efforts are TV personality Kaitlynn Carter; shoe designer Chloe Gosselin; Olympic equestrian Jessica Springsteen; Brandi Cyrus, DJ and co-host of the iHeart Radio podcast Your Favorite Thing; Cobra Kai actress Alicia Hannah-Kim; fashion designer and lifestyle guru Jenni Kayne; and renowned celebrity fine-art photographerBrian Bowen Smith. 

We created the AWHC Ambassador program to harness our collective power and elevate the issue of America’s wild horses. AWHC Ambassadors are inspiring leaders, storytellers, creators, and doers from all around the country that care about our nation’s wild horses and the public lands they call home.

As the grassroots movement to protect these magnificent animals grows, we need your help to strengthen and amplify it. Our ambassadors serve as advocates who can inspire those around them to care and take action. 

Together, we can inform the public and expand awareness around the plight of our magnificent wild horses and burros. Learn more about our newest AWHC Ambassadors at the button below!