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The following is from Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue:

December 14, 2018

Love is all you need…

I “came of age” in the sixties; a wonderful time for all kinds of music. I am still very into music and often think of songs relating to my work. The Beatle’s classic All You Need Is Love came to mind this morning. If only that were so!

All of us committed to the animals here love them unconditionally and get that back in spades. Unfortunately love will not buy hay. Love will not pay vet bills. Love will not pay the plumber when the hydrant seizes up. We have more than enough love to go around, but not enough money.

I realize that the “we need more money” song gets really old, but it is a sad fact of running a nonprofit animal rescue. I came into this work very naïve in regards to what it really entailed. I love all animals; have since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I have fond memories from when I could not have been more than seven or so, helping my dad raise orphan squirrels. Our family had a membership to the Bronx Zoo where I could not be taken often enough. I learned a lot about many different animal species and their needs at the “backstage” visits, a perk of being a member. I learned enough to know at a young age I would someday be involved working with animals.

Fast forward to now. I am so lucky! I still love all animals and enjoy most people as well. The rescue allows me to engage with both on a daily basis. I have amazing helpers who work very hard to keep the farm looking ship shape and the animals well cared for. I am very grateful for what I do have and really dislike having to ask for more. The part I didn’t factor in at the beginning was that asking for help would become part of my job.

Please know that every penny donated is very gratefully appreciated. All of it goes toward the care of the animals and upkeep of the farm. We have one full time paid employee. Everyone else who is here on a regular basis, including myself, are not paid. We are volunteers.


I thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide.





p.s. — A heartfelt thank you to all who are shopping on our website as well.  Your support is greatly appreciated!


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