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Standardbred Retirement Foundation Urges Caution


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Uncle Milt

Uncle Milt

The Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF) says its recent spring follow-up of all its adopted horses led them to the pain and suffering of one, and the missing of three others.

The 22-year-old gelding, Uncle Milt, had been in a home for nearly 3 years and the SRF had always received a prompt veterinary follow-up form every spring and fall, until this past season. SRF asked a long-time volunteer to visit after several attempts to reach them by telephone and mail had failed.

The horse was found in poor condition. A relative of the adopter later called and explained that her uncle, the adopter, had passed and they were caring for the horse but were having trouble keeping weight on him. The SRF tried to work with the family but a visit again resulted in removing the horse from their care. Ironically, the horse was accompanied in the field by another horse in great weight.

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