Mule Mama Update


Remember Chuchureña, the mule who gave birth to a healthy baby mule last September? Our friend Luzma Osorio sent us this update from Colombia, on the mule mama and her daughter, “La Bien Querida”:

I took some new pictures of the mule and her offspring last week, the baby is now three months old and she has grown a lot! They are gorgeous!!

Photos by Luzma Osorio, Criadero Villa Luz

What a beautiful, loving pair! Chuchureña truly proves that mules are good mothers, too!


  1. Jeanie12-22-2011

    Beautiful. Mules are in great condition, they look fab.

  2. Terri12-23-2011

    Such a happy baby! It makes sense that mules would be good mothers and surrogates. Post more updates!

  3. angela timms04-22-2012

    Have you hear about Mule Surrogates they are using for Gypsy foals it is pretty awesome.

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