Mule Are Good Mothers, Too!


An excerpt of an amazing story from a friend of Lucky Three Ranch, Luzma Osorio, on the birth of a new mule in Colombia–and her mule mother!

Mule mama “Chucurena” with her daughter, “La bien querida.” Photo courtesy of Criadero Villa Luz.

They say mules cannot give birth and are hostile to foals, but the mule Chucurena has proved completely the opposite. On 25 September 2011, she gave birth to a beautiful baby mule in Colombia, South America, and she is proving to be a great mother!

Chucurena is a 3 ½ year old black mule from Hacienda El Cerro in Bucaramanga. She is very affectionate, produces lots of milk and she is always looking after her baby.

This miracle was achieved thanks to the Embryo transplant technique. An eight day old embryo was extracted from a mare and implanted in the mule’s womb to develop it. Embryo transplants are a complicated process that requires synchronizing the ovulating time in both females, in this instance it was carried out by the specialized Colombian veterinarian Hector Mendez.

The embryo was from a Paso Fino Mare called La Querencia and the Paso Fino Donkey Cosaco XVI de Villa Luz. The pregnancy was 11 months and the delivery was normal with no complications. The mule knew exactly what to do and behaved as an expert mother even if it was her first time! The baby is a female and it was called “La bien querida” (The much loved).

For more information on the Criadero Villa Luz, visit their website here.

  1. Kim Tindel10-13-2011

    Mules are being used to propagate the Gypsy Vanner horses. They have proven to be excellent mothers. There is a big farm in Florida that uses mules for this. Very exciting to see mules as mamas.

    • Luz06-06-2013

      Hi Kim Thank you very much for your comments! We went to Ocala to see the Mule Mums !!wow!
      They are amazing! Great Mothers!!!!! Very inspirational!!!!!!

  2. Deb Collins Kidwell10-14-2011

    Bravo Luz! You and I had not talked about it before, but I wanted to use my mollies for the American Mammoth Jackstock babies and there is a Gypsy Vanner breeder in Ocala who, with his Veterinarian who came from PR has had his first ET babies out of 20 draft mollies this year…he said his mollies were the best mothers ever:-) You are always on top, chica:-)

    • Luz06-06-2013

      Hi Deb Thank you very much for your comments! We went to Ocala to see the Mule Mums !!wow!
      They are amazing! Great Mothers!!!!!

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