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STILL MORE BABIES NEED YOUR HELP!! This rescue is at 27 so far, and still growing. Catchers are running like crazy before the bad weather hits. Do I tell them, YES or No? It’s up to you!

THE NUMBERS RIGHT NOW ARE AT 27 – 23 BABIES, 1 Pregnant wild mare, the other abused wild TB mare, and still working on the pony. 5 of those are still at the Shipper’s, which pretty much guarantees by the time they are “ready to go”, there will be more. So far, there has NEVER been a pickup that didn’t have more babies.

I appreciate every penny that has been donated. Sadly, if I am going to be able to save ALL these precious lives, the horses simply need more help. It is kind of terrifying to think about so many mouths to feed etc. However, our wonderful adoption coordinator has found homes for 6 of the babies and I have both mares adopted out as well. I still have 9 babies in Golconda, and winter is coming.

I am willing do the work, but I need your help for the funding.

I want to send out a big thank you to Matt. He came up from Texas to fix my water lines and decided to come and help me on this rescue before heading to CA. He has been a big blessing and it was nice to not be here on my own this time.

For the folks who feel like reading, I wanted to share a day in the life of a rescue with y’all. It is pretty much the reality of what it is like to do this work.

This morning I woke up, ran to town for supplies, spent a couple hours with an amazing adopter, picked up more orphaned foals, fed, watered and vetted the ones with injuries and finally sat down. As I write this, the reality sets in.

I have a beautiful camp site where I have my “temporary corrals” set up.
My veggies are simmering in butter over the fire, and it is so beautiful out. The air is soft and clear, and as the music plays, my heart swells thinking of how beautiful everything is. I try to enjoy as much as I can each, and every day and appreciate what is in front of me.

Reality is the knife that comes deep in my heart. The beauty tonight is pierced by the horrors that brought me here. Although I have made this the absolute best “home away from home” I possibly can, the night is pierced by the screams of babies torn away from their Mamas and their families. Their anguished, wailing cries, hanging heads and beat up bodies show the horrors of what just happened. The absolutely, bewildered look in the eyes of these broken babies rips out your heart. At this very moment, their moms, brothers, sisters, and dads are crushed in a slaughter truck, able to make no sense of what happened. Days ago, they were running free, and tonight they are kicked and bitten as too many of them are crammed together in the truck of death.

I am so grateful to have a place to set up and take care of these broken souls, and as most of you know I spend weeks living in “camp” in my horse trailer so I can save these babies, pregnant mares, old stallions and anyone else God throws into the mix. But listening to these babies scream for their mama’s all night long, is ripping my heart out. As the tears stream down my face, the pain is so physical it nearly makes me ill.

This was NOT my dream, to be buried in the sewer that is the slaughter world. But God puts it in front of me, so this IS my world. It isn’t bad enough that only yesterday as I drove here, I was up to 16 weanlings, not including the pregnant mare, the other crazed, injured and abused wild mare, and the bratty pony. TODAY, I picked up 6 instead of 4, and there are ANOTHER 5 at the Shipper’s. So today’s number is 23, NOT 16, and that is just the babies. Every day it seems to grow……

When I think about trying to explain the need for help, it is simply overwhelming. I so say “no” all the time, but when I am the only thing standing between death and these babies, I have to give it my all. Honestly, I am beyond tired. I want to cry I am so tired. Emotionally, physically I am exhausted. But I cannot have that negative energy with these babies. They need to feel safe and like they are loved. So I sit here wondering how much more I can take. I know God won’t give us more than we can handle, but sometimes I wonder how tough He thinks I really am.

_This is my evening. Trying to make the best of the situation put in front of me.

Wondering how soon everyone would quit reading the sad news that I spout as I try to save these precious lives. So many 911’s and emergencies. THIS IS MY LIFE ON THE FRONT LINE!_

Listening to the heartbreaking screams of the babies. Knowing their families are rattling around in a slaughter bound trailer, terrified, and missing their babies. Yet I have to struggle on, because if I quit, all of these lives will be lost, and not in a humane fashion.

Once again saving ALL of these souls depends on you, my Chilly Pepper Family. YOU are the Angels that make it happen. The chance of it only being 27 is nearly impossible, but one can hope.

Thank you for saving so many lives!


You can go to gofundme

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if you would like to help these horses.

->You can donate via check at: (PLEASE NOTE NEW PO BOX #)

Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang,

PO Box # 233

Golconda, NV 89414

You can also donate via credit card by calling Palomino at 530-339-1458.



Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang, WIN Project – Rescue & Rehab

We are now part of the WIN Organization

WIN (WILD HORSES IN NEED) is a 501c3 IRS EIN 55-0882407_

If there are ever funds left over from the cost of the rescue itself, the monies are used to feed, vet, care for and provide shelter and proper fencing for the animals once they are saved.

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