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Horses Need Homes or Face Slaughter Auction


The following is from This adoption is a joint effort of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, the Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund, Least Resistance Training Concepts and the Virginia Range Sanctuary.

sdoptThe Virginia Range horse herd, managed by the Nevada Department of Agriculture, is believed to be the largest publicly owned horse herd currently remaining in the US. The horses are managed through the cooperative efforts of the department and various qualified non-profit horse groups. While the emphasis of this management is passive population control (fertility control,) horses do occasionally spread out into the outskirts of urban areas and onto busy highways. Those that present a clear and continuing danger to motorists, and that return to busy areas after relocation attempts, do have to be removed.

State law requires the Department to dispose of any horses that are not placed with in a proscribed time at the livestock sale. Therefore every effort is being made by all parties to get these horses placed.

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