Help us make Burro Awareness Month a National Holiday!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

It’s the first day of May – and you know what that means – the first day of Burro Awareness Month!

We started Burro Awareness Month back in 2012 to highlight the beauty of one of our favorite equine species, the majestic wild burros of the American Southwest, and to educate the public about the unique struggles they face.

While wild mustangs often get the spotlight, burros tend to get left out of the conversation. So we dedicate this month every year to raising awareness about all things pertaining to our beloved burros – and , it’s about time we make it a national holiday!

Will you join us in calling for Burro Awareness Month to become a nationally-recognized holiday? Sign our petition below!


Burros were first introduced to the Southwest desert by the Spaniards in the 1500s and served as a reliable companion to explorers and pioneers on their treks throughout the West in the centuries thereafter. Originally from Africa, these pack animals were prized for their hardiness in arid environments!

They worked tirelessly to carry supplies and machinery to mining camps and became indispensable to the workers of the West. At the end of the mining boom, many burros escaped or were turned loose, and with their innate ability to survive under the harshest conditions — wild herds eventually formed and flourished.

They’re not just rugged work animals though…wild burros are also some of the most adorable and cuddly creatures you’ll ever see! They have long ears, a short mane, and vary in color from black to brown to gray and even to pinto!

We’re sure that if more people learned about these beautiful creatures, burros would get the credit and attention they deserve! So this May, we are once again asking for your help to spread the word about our beloved wild burros. Will you sign on to our petition today to help make Burro Awareness Month a nationally-recognized holiday?



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