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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Hi, URGENT update from Chilly Pepper. As of this minute there are 3 babies waiting for me in Yakima, NOT counting the many at the shipper's(Thankfully our wonderful friend Kari Robi picked them up for me and Mama Mel is currently caring for them as I prepare to head back up.) The news is NOT GOOD. The trappers just pulled in another 200 horses and I was told there are lots of babies at the shipper's. As y'all know, it could be 5, it could be 25. I never know until we arrive on scene. However, Matt is leaving today to deliver horses and within the next two weeks we should have 12 leaving from here. Matt is also picking up 12 horses in Yakima, after taking 13 to Bend OR, but thankfully most of them will be placed with the folks we work with. Y'all have saved many lives and y'all have been amazing. However, the funds have dwindled with every horse saved. To finance the rescue of the upcoming horses we still need your help. Just within the last month or so, we spent OVER $3,740 JUST ON COGGINS AND HEALTH CERTFICATES. This is frustrating beyond belief, but that is what is required to transport these horses to safety. (Coggins is a blood test required by law.) THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE BAIL, FUEL, OR ANY OTHER COSTS. So PLEASE UNDERSTAND when I say that the funds are dwindling. It is costly to save these precious lives, which makes it even more amazing that we do not have to keep them all on our books. Thanks to the amazing folks we work with, once y'all have saved them, they go to new homes and then we can put new donations to saving more lives. THE HORSES NEED YOUR HELP TODAY! You ...
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HORSES NEED YOU NOW !!!! ANOTHER 48 Hour DEADLINE was SERVED moments ago….. 47 hours & 59 minutes……. COUNTDOWN TO DEATH…. URGENT HELP NEEDED

The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: ONCE AGAIN, we have been given another 48 hour deadline...... The original 8 were saved, and another rescue in WA thought that the 6 who were shipping on Friday had all been adopted. Unfortunately, folks did not come through and there are still 4 at risk to ship in 48 hours. There are also an additional bunch waiting to be loaded in 48 hours. YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT SAVED 24 LIVES !!!! You paid their bail and allowed us to do what was needed to save their lives. They included 15 foals, 3 mares with their 3 foals, 3 heavily pregnant mares and a badly injured young mare. (Sadly two little ones didn't make it. One died in WA due to severe injuries and being septic when she came in. The other one died from starvation and dehydration at the vet's office. We did everything possible to give him every chance. I sat with him in my lap as we helped him pass quietly from this world. He, like Luckee, tried ever so hard to fight to stay with us. He was constantly in my lap or laying with me, and PTL we had a special donor who helped with his vet bills so your funds could save other lives. Unfortunately I received ANOTHER CALL YESTERDAY - There are 4 babies whose mom's are shipping on Sunday, and I was told to expect more. We are praying that the two mares who are ready to give birth do so before they are loaded. We have no option to save those two mares, but are praying they have those babies prior to being loaded on the truck. It is a horrific thought either way, but this is our reality and it is brutal. Thankfully we can save many lives with your help, and every ...
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These horses are SHIPPING ON WEDNESDAY. There is a total of 14 SHIPPING and there are 6 HEAVILY PREGNANT MARES…….

The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: URGENT HELP NEEDED TODAY!!! The above horses ARE SHIPPING ON WEDNESDAY!!! - UNLESS we can raise enough money to save them in the next few days. There are 8 shipping on Wednesday and 6 more scheduled to ship on Friday UNLESS we are able to save them. There are 6 heavily pregnant mares in the bunch, along with some long yearlings and foals. Unfortunately we have incurred some hefty vet bills in the last couple of weeks that total OVER $ 3,500 which we have not yet covered. There will be more vet bills if we can save these horses and the pregnant mares, with Coggins, health certs etc. Add to that the fuel expenses, cost of saving the horses and we need help now, or they will die. We are still standing by for the 25 at risk, miniature horses, and received an update that possibly next week some would be ready to be picked up. We also need funding to pick up the 4 starving horses shown below. This is a heartbreaking situation where the wife was found deceased and her husband has been unable to function. He is devastated and also in need of care and for us to get these horses to safety and get them healthy again. This also will require extensive vet care and lots of groceries. We currently have 5 orphans at Chilly Pepper and they are averaging $1500 in milk per month, not including their munchies, hay and the medication that was needed for some of them. We are looking at huge expenses associated with rescuing these horses. Not only are there the 14 mentioned above, the catcher is bringing in another 6-8 today. ALL of the catchers are trapping as many horses as they can ...
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SYALER eNewsletter

The following is from Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue: May 16, 2018 Ears the news... Oh the glorious month of May! It's my favorite month of the year. Everything seems hopeful and full of promise. The mud has been drying up nicely and the mules are shedding like crazy. I love seeing the birds take off with bits of the mule's hair to use in their nest building. The donkeys in typical donkey style, take their time shedding their winter coat. We like to joke that donkeys start to shed in August and start growing a winter coat in September. I am totally blown away by the generosity of all who responded to my request for donations to the rescue for my birthday, May 4th. WOW! Thank you VERY much. Some days it's difficult to stay in a positive mind set, then "Team SYA" comes to my rescue. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This rescue is my passion, and I could not be doing what I am without the support from all of you. We are having an Open House on June 2nd from noon to four. I hope to see lots of our familiar friends and meet new ones. Please come meet Zelda and watch her adorable foal Sassafrass, a.k.a Sassy, run laps around the paddock. You may just fall in love and they are ready to be adopted!! We have two lovely draft mules for you to meet as well as an ASSortment of donkeys of varying sizes and colors. Our great friends from Empowered Equestrians will be here doing clicker training demos throughout the afternoon. If you are not familiar with training using positive reinforcement this will be a great chance to familiarize yourself with this method and Jessica and friends will ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: WOW, it never seems to slow down. The last trip up here y'all saved 18 lives. This time we have 23 on our books on this rescue, and that is just the beginning.....BUT WE NEED MORE HELP TO PULL THIS OFF! We have 14 babies, and each baby averages $300 per month JUST for milk, not including all the rest of the expenses. So we are looking at about three thousand, three hundred dollars ($3,300) just for a month's worth of milk. That doesn't include any of the other numerous expenses. Luckily two of the babies came in with mom and the other one we were able to match up with a mare today. It cost over $1500 just to get the horses to where they are right now, for sorting etc. It is amazing how many expenses there are behind the scenes. Every time anything is done, there is a charge. As Matt and I are not allowed to sort, there is a sorting fee also, every time horses are sorted out for pick up etc. Thankfully there is another rescue working on this as well, and some of these expenses are shared. However, they have their own horses to pay for and vet etc, as we do. We are looking at a couple thousand in vet bills easily as we have two horses with pretty serious injuries, and we have to get Coggins etc. on all these horses. As these horses are extremely reactive, most likely it will take a maximum of drugs to sedate them to the point where we can treat them properly. As always, the injured and needy are kind of our specialty, so we picked up both of the injured horses so they could get the care ...
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It’s the home stretch! Can you help us reach our goal?

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: WE ARE ALMOST THERE!! With just over two hours left in the Big Day of Giving, we are so close to meeting our goal of raising $10,000! Thanks to our generous supporters, we are 90% of the way. Can you help us reach our goal? Help us care for the horses in need and donate today! Your donation matters!  $50 helps provide feed for a horse for about a month  $100 helps with a horse's feed and basic care for a month $500 helps provides hoof care for about 12 horses $1000 helps feeds 10 horses for about a month! Did you know you can sponsor a horse? You can set up recurring donations and help AAE FILL THE BARN every month! Click here for more details! Help Us Make a Difference! How you can help today:
  1. Schedule a Single Donation Now (starting as little as $15) to All About Equine Animal Rescue by clicking Donate: Big Day of Giving - AAE
  2. Become a Sponsor for an All About Equine Animal Rescue Horse by clicking Sponsor: AAE Horse (recurring payment)
  3. Spread the word. Tell your friends, post on Facebook, and tweet about it. This is an opportunity to be part of something really big. Help us get there. #BDOG2018 Boots and Bling is Saturday!!!    Only a couple tickets remain for  AAE's 5th Annual Boots and Bling  fundraiser.  Don't miss out on this Fun event.     Click Here to Purchase Tickets This is a super fun event that includes  a BBQ dinner by Double Barrel Smokehouse,  Live and Silent Auctions, Music and Dancing!   Boots & Bling funds a large portion of AAE's annual budget ensuring  we continue saving and serving horses and humans throughout the year Please support those who support AAE: Lees' Feed Cali Homes ...
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