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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: CHILLY PEPPER really needs your help now. Just got the call for between 25-50 BABIES! URGENT 911 UPDATE ANOTHER 911 CALL. Horses are in the trap right now! We will need in around $20 - 25,000+/- to pull this rescue off. We have to pay Bail. We need to get the babies any medical treatment needed, (this last group had a baby with a fractured skull, and that was just one of the injuries). We need to get blood work, (Coggins), etc and health certs. We need to transport these babies home. We are going to need more panels and shelter as well. The cost of milk alone will be astronomical. It takes roughly $300 worth of milk for 1 baby for one month. We are still early in the season, so they are still young and still need their milk. Multiply that by 50? That could be $10,000 - $15,000 FOR MILK ALONE!! This does not include shavings, hay, grain, meds or any of the other expenses these babies have. It is beyond go time. I am heading out the door. PLEASE HELP NOW! I have to let the catcher know how many we can really take on. We can't just "save them". We have to be able to provide everything they need. I don't want to say "NO" to even a single baby. We need to make sure that we leave NO ONE behind. We need to save them ALL! It's bad enough we cannot save the rest of the horses, but at least we can try and save their babies. THANK YOU for saving the last 14. We have 5 left needing homes, and NOW we need to step up for this new batch of babies. WHAT A MOTHER'S DAY GIFT it would be to save all ...
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Thank you! You GAVE and in a BIG Way to Make it a Big DAY!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: You GAVE in BIG Way! We have all been so moved by your support of All About Equine this year. Through GivingTuesday and Big Day of Giving, 140 donors gave nearly $23,700 to help horses in need. We are so grateful you rose to the occasion. Your giving exceeded our expectations!With your help, we continue our work to help horses like Georgia, and sometimes their humans. Not long before COVID-19, Georgia's family of five lost their home in a fire. After subsequent challenges with employment, rebuilding, temporary housing, and stay at home orders, they felt the best thing for Georgia would be a better life than they could give. She is scheduled for her dental next week. Her vaccines will be updated next week, and a microchip inserted. Once updated, she will be evaluated and available for adoption, soon. We are so GRATEFUL for the love and support our community has shown AAE. From the bottoms of our hearts, Thank YOU! Donate to Help ...
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There is STILL time to GIVE!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: We Need You! The Sacramento Region Community Foundation's Big Day of Giving is TODAY!! This is still time to to take part in this community grown 24 hour giving challenge. A day to GIVE where your HEART is! The horses of AAE have our hearts and we hope they have yours too! Make a Difference Donate Today! Remember Taylor? Taylor came to AAE December of 2019. Taylor was rescued from a kill pen (by a private party) in July and taken to a board/care facility.  Only thing is, it seems her rescuer forgot to go back to take care of her. She never paid for her board/care, she never had her hooves trimmed, she never had her teeth checked and she never vaccinated her. Taylor is an older TB mare (20-ish), about 15.1 hh, and an absolute sweetheart. Her hoof and dental care were long neglected, though her hooves looked ok from the outside.  Her hooves were long, her bars and sole were much overgrown, and it was all stuck within her hoof walls. She had her first trim shortly after arrival, she was vaccinated and dewormed, a microchip was placed, and her teeth were floated. She has a dental condition called “Equine odontoclastic tooth resorption and hypercementosis" (EOTRH); however, radiographs indicated her teeth and jaw structure remain in relatively good, solid condition. Her tongue tends hangs out of her mouth a bit; it just adds a little more character to this sweet gal. As with all the horses at AAE, she continues her routine care is maintained while she is here Taylor has had a tough life, and she really needs a soft landing, ideally into a companion home where she'll be doted on and loved a lot. Might you be her new family? Visit ...
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It’s Official, It’s Almost Here!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: Spread the Word! Big Day of Giving officially starts at Midnight! Spread the Word! Big Day of Giving officially starts at Midnight! A HUGE THANK YOU to our friends, donors and volunteers who have supported All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc. (AAE) as we all continue to adjust to the current circumstances. We are so THANKFUL to be a part of this giving community that continues makes a difference, even in a time of economic uncertainty. In just a few hours we want you to partner with us as we officially start the 24 hour giving challenge known to the Sacramento region as the BIG Day of Giving! Together during this community event lets Make a Difference and Help a Horse! The need is always great, but during this time your support is more important than ever! Your donations assure our horses continue to receive the level of care they need and deserve. All of our horses have a story, but only your continuing support ensures AAE can achieve our goal to help make those stories the best they can be. We truly can't do it without YOU! Help a Horse this Big Day of Giving! Did you know the Sacramento Region Community Foundation gives away prizes during the Big Day of Giving?? This Big Day of Giving every donation has a chance to make an even bigger difference with a booster prize! The Sacramento Region Community Foundation will select random donations throughout the Big Day of Giving to BOOST with some extra love! Boosts will range from $150-750! Help AAE with a BOOST! Your donation could be the one that makes an even bigger difference to the horses at AAE! SPECIAL PROMOTION: Donate $150 or more and receive a gift certificate redeemable towards vintage AAE merchandise. Promotion ends ...
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Together We Can Do Extraordinary Things!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: In this time of uncertainty, there's a fundamental truth that gives us hope – that together we can do extraordinary things! Over the past few weeks and months, the entire world has been coming together to stand up, help out, give back, and heal. Whether that's through donations to community organizations, celebrating doctors and nurses at shift changes, or reaching out to a neighbor to help with groceries, generosity has been helping the entire world get through this global pandemic. Together. Today, May 5, 2020, All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc.(AAE) is participating in #GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of unity and giving. As you know, the specific charitable purposes of AAE are to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected, abandoned, unwanted, and/or slaughter-bound animals, primarily equines (wild and domestic); to provide animals with food, shelter, care and handling; and veterinary care, as needed; to utilize a strategic process for matching healthy, rehabilitated animals with compatible, loving, and permanent adoptive homes; to provide long term care for unadoptable animals; and to educate the community about abused, neglected, abandoned, unwanted, and/or slaughter-bound animals, primarily equines. But we can’t do this without you! Not only do we need your support, we need your help to spread the word. Share our Posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Tell your friends and family why you believe in our work & encourage them to support us too!  Join the #GivingTuesdayNow Movement Today! Here are more ways you can help! Make a Donation Today! SPECIAL PROMOTION: Donate $150 or more and receive a gift certificate redeemable towards vintage AAE merchandise. Promotion ends 11:59 pm on May 7th! Become a Horse Sponsor! Our Sponsor a Horse program is a monthly donation for a specific horse. You can sponsor at any level or any amount you choose. Choose a horse to sponsor today! Donate ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Once again I hope this finds you safe and healthy. Our prayers go out for all the families in crisis. URGENT UPDATE Just since yesterday afternoon, the numbers are already up to 13 BABIES and more by FRIDAY! I know everyone is struggling, but we simply need to know how many of these babies we can save. Not only do we have to pay bail, vet and transport them, we HAVE TO HAVE ENOUGH money to take care of them until we find them homes. If we cannot properly care for them, we cannot save them. This is a scary time for everyone, and I don't want anyone to give more than they can. But IF you are able and want to help us save as many of these babies as we can, please help! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS DONATED! I AM NOT ASKING YOU TO DO MORE! I am just hopeful that other folks will want to help us save the babies, especially since we are not able to save the mares. All I can do is give everyone a chance to save these lives if they want to. It would be irresponsible to not apprise folks of the urgent need due to what is transpiring. Thank you for sharing. If we had a thousand people donate $2, we could do wonders. It doesn't take much. Thank you! WE ARE IN GO MODE! Sadly, we are heading into the busiest part of the year. We have 5 babies RIGHT NOW in the feedlot, and by the middle of the week there most likely will be more. We are also still on standby for the other trapper's foals. Understandably, (like every other rescue), our reserves have been depleted. We need to raise funds to go ...
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