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Chilly Pepper – Meet “RUMORS” – Beautiful, trampled filly rejected by Mama

The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Idaho Mission - The sorting of the Idaho horses went perfectly. Of course there was a little excitement with some of the kids, but no one was injured and they are now being picked up by their adopters. Thank you for helping them. Us being able to bring our equipment and get them vetted meant the literal difference between adoptions or ???? BABY CALL - Phone rang last night and Cam and I jumped in the truck and headed out. This beautiful (approximately) 2 week old filly is a tough one. She was trampled by her band and her Mama just left her. Mama has zero interest in her so she was pulled and separated, hence the phone call. We honestly have no idea if she will be ok, or if she has internal injuries. Hopefully it is just tenderness from bruises. (Having full size horses rushing over, and stepping on you and into you would easily leave you sore for a few days.) She has scrapes all over nearly every part of her body. Her eye was smacked and swollen and she obviously took a hard hit in her face. Her legs are severely swollen and she is exhausted and very shaky. She is extremely fragile but oh my gosh, what a sweetheart! She needs prayers, meds and groceries. I have a call into Doc for bloodwork as soon as she can come out. The back axle? snapped on the trailer right after we pulled in. Never a dull moment, but again, God keeps us safe! "Great Grandma Norma" is here. No one wanted her, (she is old and starved nearly to death) and when I was asked if we would try and help her, of course I said yes. She is in need of lots of TLC, groceries ...
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Jennings says “On Your Mark, Get Ready, It’s Time to Go, Give!!”

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: Our gratitude for your support is immense! Thank you! Your support is changing lives, one horse at a time!! Super great news, we've met our match, and as we write, we are more than halfway to our goal with $19,385, and we're narrowing the gap to $25,000. Jennings is another special horse that's here today because of you! He's still looking for his very special person, too. Are you his forever? JENNINGS Jennings is a handsome guy that came to AAE from the same distressed mustang sanctuary situation in the latter part of 2020. Like Chesney, Clare, and Teea, the sanctuary had cared for him (and many more), for about 20 years before falling on hard times. The horses were living in desert conditions. Because a big storm took out portions of perimeter fencing on the property years before, most were in their own small stalls (24' x 24' at most), each with a small shelter (roof only). No turn out, no attention. Because Jennings had been ridden in the past (prior to landing at the sanctuary) and was readily halterable unlike some, he got privileges. Though he was in a stall when we first met, the next time, we learned he was in a rotation of horses that roamed the property and had access to a stack of hay. Not only was on the thin side and past due for basic care, he had a sizable and uncomfortable looking growth on the side of his sheath that urgently needed veterinary attention. Jennings is a 2005 BLM mustang. He's goofy, he's curious, he's playful, and he's a character! He's really a big personality. Though he'd like you to think he is, he's not the most confident guy. He also loves the ...
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These Three Girls!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: As we're settling into our new home in Pilot Hill, it seems the perfect time to reflect on some of the special horses you have helped over the years. We are all so very thankful, incredibly grateful, and unbelievably blessed to have your support in making better the lives of so many horses!! This beautiful trio is still looking for a home. Chesney, Clare, and Teea are so very bonded, the ideal situation is for them to move to a home where they can be together. They are mid-teens and each very unique! CHESNEY, CLARE, and TEEA Three red-headed mares, oh my! Chesney, Clare, and Teea came to AAE from a distressed mustang sanctuary situation in the latter part of 2020. The sanctuary had cared for these girls, and many more, for about 20 years before falling on hard times. They were living in desert conditions, each in their own small stall (24' x 24' at most), each with a small shelter (roof only). No turn out, no attention. They were in need of basic care, it had been deferred much too long. It was a sad sight, needless to say. Though not a lot of handling, they each wanted to trust, and they trusted enough to follow us quietly onto the trailer, as if they new it was the path that offered the hope of something better, a new beginning. CHESNEY Chesney was so incredibly shy and uncertain. She stood firm, but trembled. The fear in her eyes, and the quiver in her body spoke volumes, but she was willing. She allowed a slow reach below her neck and behind her ears to place a halter, then a lead. Slowly, she followed. She tried so hard to understand what was ...
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Oh Danny Boy, We Love You So!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: As we're settling into our new home in Pilot Hill, it seems the perfect time to reflect on some of the special horses you have helped over the years. Another oldie but goodie is elderman, Danny! This ol' guy is well known for his sweet demeanor and his hugs. DANNY Danny's story isn't one of neglect, abandonment, abuse, or poor care. Sadly, it's one of human health and aging. Danny was loved beyond words. So much, his former owner considered euthanizing him rather than risk him having difficulties transitioning to a new home, ending up in a bad home, or worse, the fear of auctions and the slaughter pipeline. It was an emotional day for all when we picked Danny up and brought him home to AAE. Danny's owner's health was failing, and she was unable to provide ongoing care for him any longer. He knew no other owner, as he was born to her mare. Mama rejected him for four days, and on the fifth day, Mama finally accepted him. Danny spent those four days with his surrogate mom while she held mom and made sure he was able to nurse, initially go get the colostrum he needed. It was a very rocky start, but Danny and his other mom grew a bond like no other. She trained him; she rode him; they competed together. They spent 27 years together until they had to say good bye. Fortunately, the timing was right, and Danny had special people in his life that paved the way for him to get to AAE. He arrived in 2017, and at 27, we knew Danny would spend the rest of his years with us. You can see the pattern here! Danny loves everyone he meets, and he is very generous with his hugs. Similarly, everyone that ...
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Is Amigo One of Your Favorites!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: As we're settling into our new home in Pilot Hill, it seems the perfect time to reflect on some of the special horses you have helped over the years. None is more special than our elderman, Amigo. At 33, he is the grand dad of all the horses enjoying their new views in Pilot Hill. AMIGO Amigo came to AAE with two of his pals in mid-January 2018 from a neglect situation. He weighed-in about 850 pounds, and we were told he was 29. As thin as he looks in photos, he was much thinner. His coat was thick with dead like an old shag rug that tried to hide his bony frame. He was started on a slow refeeding program, but despite efforts of a very slow introduction to food, after about a week at AAE, he had a bout of colic. It felt so grim, but this ol' guy was a warrior. Thankfully, Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center was on site quickly. It wasn't a bad colic, but he battled through it like the survivor he is! He bounced back up to his like he'd waken from a bad dream, then never looked back. He was also covered with ticks, with a good 150 or so removed and finding more every day for several days, then more each day until they were gone. A year or so later, he was transported to the vet for another bout with colic and was fortunately able to return home to the herd after a few days. Over the years, he's had some ups and downs, but this old fart (yes, those that know him, know), has been the bestest gentleman ever to new volunteers learning about horses, and all of our volunteers that care for him ...
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Chilly Pepper – Great Grandma “Norma” – Will you Help her?

The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Another emergency in the middle of "vetting the 46". I have been asked to give "GG Norma", a chance. At the very least she deserves the best feed, love and care until she crosses over. However, even though two vet's looked at her and didn't give her much hope, she is telling a different story. Her eyes are bright and she is alert and curious and says "PLEASE don't quit on me!" Will you help me give her the best love and care for whatever time she has left? We are due for a Miracle, and I'm hoping you will help me give her a chance. We have spent over $1400 on fuel so far but are all set up and ready to go. Hauling the squeeze from NV and moving horses is a large endeavor, but these amazing horses will have safe places to land because of it. PLEASE HELP "Great Grandma NORMA"! Thank you as always for all the love and support. I still need help to give our precious rescues the care and love they need. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING PART OF OUR FAMILY AND FOR SAVING SO MANY LIVES! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN HELPING SAVE THESE PRECIOUS LIVES! Please check out our Adoption page! https://www.facebook.com/groups/543121366934903 If anyone wants to help, Supplies or checks can be sent to Palomino Chilly Pepper 19 Weonda Rd. Goldendale, WA 98620 or checks to PO Box 233, Golconda NV 89414 Once again we are back and forth, so all addresses are good. or Donations can be made at: CashAp-$LauriArmstrong Venmo - @Lauri-Armstrong-2 THANK YOU for everything we have received. https://smile.amazon.com/ch/55-0882407 If you shop at Amazon, please go to this link. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KEEP HELPING US SAVE MORE LIVES, ...
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