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Exciting Announcements from AAE!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: Gamilah Unbridled, The Journey Starts Today We’ve got some exciting news! Patrick Sullivan of Modern Day Horsemanship will be visiting AAE April 8-12. Patrick and his beloved horse, Gamilah (or Gami), are kicking off an epic adventure across America in pursuit of LIBERTY! It starts TODAY! Patrick and Gami have an incredibly special bond, and he wants to share it with you in his journey of a lifetime, Gamilah Unbridled. Their journey will take them 2500 miles across Highway 50, from California to Kentucky, as they promote the art of liberty, connecting with horses without the use of ropes or control devices. The most remarkable part their journey is Patrick will be riding Gami bareback AND bridleless the entire way. As much as we'd like to invite everyone to participate, due to COVID-19 and other circumstances, this is a private training activity at AAE. However, Patrick’s journey will be shared via livestream and video on his Facebook Page, Gamilah Unbridled. Because Patrick’s love of horses was molded by his experience working as a trainer at WindyHill Equine Rescue and Rehoming, Patrick wants to feature the work rescues do. Patrick selected one rescue in each state to stop and spend five days working with five horses to share what he and Gami have learned about the liberty training. All education and work along the way will be FREE of charge to the organizations, and donations during these events will go to each individual non-profit! The deep connection between horses and humans is what inspires our every day work at AAE, and we are honored to be part of Patrick and Gami’s journey. The five lucky AAE horses selected to participate with Patrick are DieselJackClareChesney, and Teea. Patrick's team will document each day, and by the end of the five days, we’ll see incredible results with ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Meet "LUCKY # 5" Lucky was found wandering alone on the range just hours after his birth. We have no idea whether he was abandoned on purpose due to his health issues, or his band was scared away or something happen to Mama. He came in with some gurgling sounds and was twitching and shaking off and on. He was given Colostrum immediately, and thus started the journey of Foal # 5. Lil Red is finally at a point you could call "stable". He crashed so many times it seemed like he had no chance. He went down after he was tubed, nearly into a coma. Then he had to have Doc come out again. He is still having some gut issues, but doing very well overall. Hunter is also doing pretty well, and the little lamb was adopted out to a wonderful home. Nicholas, was the 1st baby on this last, very long trip. He went to a very special adopter and is thriving. You can follow him on our adoption page. He and Lucky look like twins except Nicholas is much larger and older. So now we come to # 5. LUCKY is still absolutely touch and go. He is on all sorts of medications and is making all my hair fall out from worrying about him so much. We had his blood work done, and it is not bad. His IGG levels are good, which means giving him the Colostrum was most likely exactly what he needed. Thank you to everyone who donated so we could afford to have it on hand. Please keep him in your prayers. Lucky is having all sorts of random issues and his waste still smells like death. I am hoping and praying this is not why ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang:

The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Meet "TUCKER & LIL RED" These precious souls are fighting hard to be here and live in this brutal world. Lil Red has been touch and go from the start and is far from out of the woods. He had to be tube fed and then needed IV fluids. The vet has been out here several times and we are simply hour to hour. Prayers are much appreciated! His little brain had not finished wiring when he was born. I am pretty sure he was a preemie. I have had numerous other foals like this, and they usually figure things out. He is NOT a dummy foal, just simply not "all there yet". He was about 3 days old when I got him after being born on the feed lot. Tucker has been having non stop tummy issues and is a bit colicky. Both have been through the wringer and will likely need more vet care and blood work. They are beautiful little boys who have had their Mama's ripped away in front of them. Both of them spent the 1st couple nights crying incessantly. It is brutal to hear. I just got the vet bill this morning for these last babies. This trip alone, the vet bills have totaled $2243.17. (*I LOVE Doc Bruce. His prices are SUBSTANTIALLY LOWER than we were being charged before. He is always there at the drop of a hat and I cannot say enough about how blessed we are. Not only for his expertise, but for the savings on each and every call he comes on.*) Sadly, the bills still add up with the number of lives y'all are making it possible to save. Nicholas and the little orphaned lamb both are at their new homes. Nicholas is thriving with his new Mama ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Wow - the insanity has already begunY'all JUST SAVED TEN MORE LIVES since I arrived in WA to pick up the Stallion and the 2 Pregnant mares! I was getting ready to head back home to NV on Monday when I received another urgent phone call for an orphaned, abandoned foal. Then a call for an abandoned, injured, newborn orphaned lamb. It never stops! This morning I had Doc come out and pull Coggins on "Nicholas", (Our most recent Emergency), I was prepping to finally head home and my phone rang again. There are "tinies" at the Shipper's and I should be getting them tomorrowSo apparently I am not going home anytime soon. Sadly, NEARLY ALL the funds have been depleted on this last rescue. Every day that I am here, I have to have folks at home taking care of the rescue. Although most of their time is volunteer, it still adds up substantially. (They are amazing!) We also need to get another load of hay for the "special needs" kids at the rescue. Fuel costs are rising and that is a substantial cost for us even before the ridiculous prices we are already starting to see. I have to get more shelter set up for these critical babies. As the numbers increase, so does the need for safe nursery space to give them what they need. We spent roughly $2000+ simply to "save" these lives, and spent over $1,000 on vetting for health certs, (and that does not include the latest couple visits). That was just to get the horses to camp and keep them off the slaughter truck. (Just in the last 2 weeks). This DOES NOT include medical care, feed, hauling, etc. It is just a drop in the bucket of the rescue expenses. I realize ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Look at this poor mare's leg. Look at the other mare's hooves. This is serious abuse, and we need to try and save them. Can you EVEN IMAGINE THE PAIN??! Sadly I do not have much hope for fixing her leg, but I will do whatever she needs. She has suffered long enough. I am hoping we can get her here, have her checked out by the vet, and then ease her pain. She also has to be in agony. After having 40 plus surgeries on my leg, and having my femur snap in half, I can't even imagine how much pain she is in. With so much weight and stress on that front leg, it has to be awful. The second mare shown has been beyond abused. She also has to be in agony. It will be a miracle if her Coffin bones have not rotated. Both will need vetting, x-rays and lots of special care. IF I can save the second mare, she will most likely need long term, specialized farrier care as well. If I DON'T GET HER, he plans to CONTINUE BREEDING HER!!! I have been promised the one with the broken leg, but still working on saving her if we raise enough funds to save her and take care of her. YESTERDAY, I received a 911 for 3 old ladies. They are wild (unhandled) mini's, aged approximately 25, and they are considered in extremely poor health. They have nowhere else to go and also will need vetting and specialty care. I am ALSO on notice for more babies. These horses are JUST the ones that God put in front of me these last few days. PLEASE HELP ME HELP THEM! I NEVER look for horses to save,and sadly, I simply cannot say ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Meet "Reigns". I got to meet her, and she is THE SWEETEST soul you will ever meet. She is in extremely rough shape and needs us yesterday! In the middle of saving the latest 3 mares and foal, ANOTHER 911 and a starving mare, pregnant mares & the stallion shipping to slaughter! The stallion is still with his family. We can't leave him behind. (For folks who say "how can they ship a pregnant mare? Well it's all about money and pregnant mares are heavy. They are paid by weight and the babies count, even though they are discarded during slaughter.) It's BABY SEASON and the mares are starting to give birth. I cannot think of much worse than a baby dropping to the floor and being trampled in the middle of the slaughter truck. As always, I am asking you to help save these lives. When God puts them in front of me, I know I have to try and save them. However, YOU are the ones who decide yes or no. I cannot do it without you! Sadly, our beautiful Snow Baby Little Dancer passed before I could get here. Mel took wonderful care of him and we were waiting for the vet, but his little heart wanted to leave and find his Mama up in heaven. The CURRENT RESCUE of the pregnant mare, the colt and the possibly pregnant mare is happening and thanks to you, all 3 of the last group are safe. Let's keep it going and save these precious lives as well. Below, the mare and baby you saved on this rescue! Samantha seems like she is going to give birth any time now. Please say a prayer that when she does, all goes well. This is the link to our ...
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