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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Although it looks like the same horses, look at the fencing and you can tell it is not the same kids. * * Wow, This is one of the craziest rescues we have ever been on. Please remember, the Chilly Pepper "organization" consists of just myself and Matt assisting. One of the reasons why my Thank You notes are always late. :( We are really struggling on this rescue, as there has been a great deal of loss and we are literally sitting on so many horses. We do this because God puts it in front of us, and for the folks who can't do it themselves, and who are always asking us to save the horses. BUT WE SIMPLY CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT YOUR HELP. We will do the work if we have the funds. We do not have enough funds right now to keep buying this much feed and save the new kids that we were called about yesterday. There are more to be paid for, vetted and gotten to safety as I type this. The horses would have all been moved within the next couple of days if things had gone according to our plan. However, although I don't always understand God's plans, I do ALWAYS TRUST that there is a reason. (Boy would I like to know what it is lol). Because our plans to have them all out of here and be back home went right out the window due to a paperwork issue. Out of the 46 horses, there are 30+ orphaned babies who were still nursing and need milk. Luckily some of them will be transitioning over to pellets which are not quite as expensive. These kids are in rough shape, and full of parasites and ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: ANOTHER DAY - ANOTHER URGENT 911. It sounds so dramatic, but when you are on the front lines and the only thing standing between these babies and a horrific death, or worse yet, a future as a "tripping horse", it is ALWAYS an immediate need and the choice is life or death. I hate to use the word DESPERATE, but this situation is just that. We had over 50 babies between the other rescue and Chilly Pepper, and we took on 35 of those babies. Unfortunately, we are still going through nearly $300 per day of milk for the ones we still have between the 2 rescues. We did get 21 placed in Idaho, so that helped tremendously. THERE ARE MORE BABIES WE NEED TO SAVE TODAY!! Not all of the babies already here have been paid for, and I am picking up at the Shipper's today and possibly from another catcher. We are in ORPHAN FOAL CRISIS and these babies NEED MONEY TO SAVE THEM, VET THEM AND FEED THEM or we simply will not be able to save them. Many of them have serious injuries, and we have already had some tragic losses. This is heartbreaking, but we will keep saving as many as we can, as long as we have the funding. So it is up to y'all, do we keep saving more? We are still in WA and they just keep coming.... So far we have spent $2,731 to get Coggins and health Certs on the 35, plus do some needed medical procedures. There are additional vet costs too. We spent approx $3000 to save the 35 and another mare and the stallion, We spent $700 (so far) on medical supplies we are using to treat these babies ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Update on the orphans - THANK YOU everyone who donated for the first group of kids. Y'all came through and we were able to pick up all the babies yesterday. Some of them are camera shy lol.... Only showing a few here. THE PHONE RANG YET AGAIN..... WHILE we were getting these kids settled in, we received word that one of the catchers has another 80 horses he caught yesterday. At this time we have been put on standby to share 30 ADDITIONAL FOALS, unless the catcher allows some of the mare/foal pairs to be adopted together. WE HAVE A PLACE FOR 30+ ORPHANS, BUT ANOTHER 20 WILL TAKE AN ADDITIONAL $4,000. We have been working with Dannielle Dustin for a couple of years and she is amazing. All her babies are halter trained etc. before being adopted and one of her adopters is now also working with us. They can each comfortably handle 10 orphans, and we can take as many as we need to. So that is the good news. BUT EVERY 10 ORPHANS IS approximately $2000 just for bail, & get health certs on and buy enough milk for a couple of days, SO WE NEED ANOTHER $4,000 to pay for and take on an additional 20. This doesn't even cover transportation costs or any additional vetting. The 2nd CATCHER has another 14 babies at his place. Both plan to ship soon, and we are told that up to 30 could be pulled off Mama and need rescued today!!. So worst case scenario as of this minute - there could be more than 45 ADDITIONAL orphans in need of rescue. Some of these may run through the feedlot and others will be available directly from the catcher once they are stripped ...
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SYALER eNewsletter

The following is from Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue: June 23, 2018 Ears the news... Well, May certainly flew right by! Thank you to all who attended our Open House. We had a great day weather wise and had a great turn out. It was wonderful to see old friends and to make new ones. The adoption of two donkeys resulted from the day! Our friends Jessica, Larkin, Emerson, and Nicole from Empowered Equestrians did their usual FABULOUS job of introducing people to the joys and power of training using positive reinforcement. It's hard to believe that we are more than half way through June already. It seems like little Sassy was just born but she is on her way to her three month birthday. She gets cuter and sassier by the day. I am surprised that she and her mom have not yet been adopted. They will make a great addition to someone's barn yard. We have a lot of animals available for adoption right now. Having bonded pairs makes it more difficult to place animals but we do what is best for the animals and a singleton donkey is not a happy camper. Donkeys need another donkey as a buddy for their behavioral and social needs to be properly met. For that reason we only adopt out donkeys in pairs unless it is to a home that already has a donkey. Yes, many donkeys live with goats or horses as companions, but there are published studies validating the fact that when given the choice donkeys will choose another donkey as their companion. We also do not adopt out donkeys to be used as guardians. I get a lot of "yeah buts" on this one. Yes, sometimes it can work with the larger donkeys. Most often it ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: SHORT UPDATE - 911 - THE NEW BABIES NEED YOUR HELP NOW! Hi, We are on the road to WA. We have until 5 o'clock to raise more funds to save these orphans. It will take close to $2,000 JUST to purchase, get the blood work for Coggins with their health certificates, and get enough milk for a couple of days for the 10 orphans that we know of. The cost for milk averages $300 per baby per month, and that does not include hay and their grain. From what I have been told, there are other babies in need at the catcher's, and we need the funds to bring these kids home to safety. Sadly there have been some serious injury and even death due to the large number of horses going in and out of the catcher's. We need to get any additional orphans out of there asap! PLEASE HELP NOW IF YOU WANT US TO SAVE THESE 10 BABIES, (plus any others.) Their mom's and dads will have already shipped to slaughter by the time we get their this afternoon. Let's AT LEAST save them. Thank you for helping us save these babies NOW, and thank you for saving all of the lives you have! Each and every single life matters! If you want to help You can go to You Caring - to help us keep saving lives.. You can go to Paypal if you would like to help these horses.                                                                           ->You can donate via check at: Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang, 295 Old Hwy ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Hi, URGENT update from Chilly Pepper. As of this minute there are 3 babies waiting for me in Yakima, NOT counting the many at the shipper's. (Thankfully our wonderful friend Kari Robi picked them up for me and Mama Mel is currently caring for them as I prepare to head back up.) The news is NOT GOOD. The trappers just pulled in another 200 horses and I was told there are lots of babies at the shipper's. As y'all know, it could be 5, it could be 25. I never know until we arrive on scene. However, Matt is leaving today to deliver horses and within the next two weeks we should have 12 leaving from here. Matt is also picking up 12 horses in Yakima, after taking 13 to Bend OR, but thankfully most of them will be placed with the folks we work with. Y'all have saved many lives and y'all have been amazing. However, the funds have dwindled with every horse saved. To finance the rescue of the upcoming horses we still need your help. Just within the last month or so, we spent OVER $3,740 JUST ON COGGINS AND HEALTH CERTFICATES. This is frustrating beyond belief, but that is what is required to transport these horses to safety. (Coggins is a blood test required by law.) THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE BAIL, FUEL, OR ANY OTHER COSTS. So PLEASE UNDERSTAND when I say that the funds are dwindling. It is costly to save these precious lives, which makes it even more amazing that we do not have to keep them all on our books. Thanks to the amazing folks we work with, once y'all have saved them, they go to new homes and then we can put new donations to ...
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