Day 23: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue:

As we count down to 2021, join us every day this month as we share stories from the barn that show how your support has helped horses in 2020.

With the uncertainties and challenges of this year, we truly appreciate your generosity and support.


Red originally came to AAE back in July 2015. He had been at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center (MRILC) for several months. His owner passed while he was at MRILC for gentling. He had been rescued, but we none of the information about him or his rescue situation was available.

Though Red spent quite a bit of time at MRILC, he had a difficult time accepting human interaction. While at MRILC, he experienced a lot. He was socialized, learned basic groundwork and long-lining, and he was introduced to a saddle (no rider). All that considered, when he arrived at AAE, it was like starting over. It took tremendous time overcoming fear and accepting humans. All of his vet care was updated when he was ready.

Red was adopted by a youth adopter in Fall of 2016. and his progress continued, but due to the life circumstances and the realities of work and finances that come with adulthood, his young adopter was unable to continue to meet Red’s needs. Red continued building trust and learning about saddle work, even carrying a rider a few times.

Red returned to AAE the beginning of January 2018. His vet care was updated again, including dental and hoof care, vaccines, and deworming. Though disappointing, we were glad Red was back at AAE. He was always a volunteer favorite, and he was enjoyed by all of the horses,too.

Such a handsome guy! Not long after returning to AAE, Red suffered a freak pasture injury. Veterinary exam indicated he ruptured his peroneus tertius muscle.  This usually happens when the hock is hyperextended, likely in a quick turn or change of direction. Thankfully, it was a soft tissue injury, and not the ghastly fracture it appeared to be.  Red was on stall rest for more than a year, but he healed well.

Red is a super kind and willing guy, but still has considerable difficulty accepting human interaction and trusting that no harm will come to him. First contact with him is like 50 first dates…or 593,625 first dates by now. He snorts when approached. He snorts whenever he encounters something new….even if he’s seen it a million times. Once he’s been touched by human (or monster), he is relatively easy to halter, and he seems to enjoy grooming and hanging with humans. With his injury, after a few months, he was haltered and hand-walked almost daily, but you would never know. He still acts like it’s something new.

Red is sweet, smart, and honest, however he is reactive and perpetually snorty. He is always respectful of his handler’s space. Red was looking for a home where he would be loved for him and not what he could do, a home where Red would be a companion first, potential riding horse or not. Thankfully, Red finally found his person a short while ago!!

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