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My heart feels like it’s bleeding as I write this. Our beautiful baby, Star Fire, crashed again yesterday morning, and this time it was clear she was finished fighting to stay with us..

When we were at the vet in CA, it was clear that we could “end her fight” based on the cost, her chances etc. _It reminded me of the 907 horses we sorted in South Dakota and how some folks kept telling me to “euthanize”, (in my book “kill”) the ones that needed extra help, might not be easy and would take a lot of time and effort, _

However, that is not what we do. One look in her eyes and I knew that we had to keep fighting with her. As we were leaving, the vet gave us a 50/50 chance.

I made a promise when I started this. If God placed an animal in front of us, no matter what species, I would never fighting, because it was inconvenient, or might need some medical care. I promised to fight along side that critter as long as he or she wanted to fight.

(Sadly, I do realize that there are times when my job is simply to provide comfort, love, and round the clock care.)

This is one of the reasons we are asking for help today. We still had not covered the entire $2000 bill in CA. Add yesterday’s emergency call, and due to some of the kids up in WA being sick, we have had additional costs due to numerous vet visits and those are still an issue.

There were some wonderful folks who pledged generously and then for reasons I call “life”, were unable to send the funds. So that was a little bit of a shock, and now the budget is much tighter than is comfortable. Between the unexpected costs, we are about $5000 short of where we should be, and that leaves no extra for setting up for the babies.

We had to move the babies out of Mama Mel’s, because we have simply not had enough funds, or time, to properly set up the nursery. (This is supposed to be our off season.) Although Mama Mel was fabulous in caring for the 11 weanlings, the weather has been brutal, to the point where cattle in the area have been dropping like flies from the weather, and we could not provide enough shelter etc.

So we also have a bill for the babies being picked up and transported to where they are being boarded. Once again weather is an issue, but Matt will be heading back up in a couple days.

The 2019 BABY SEASON is nearly upon us, and we simply are not ready. We need more shelter, pens and to start purchasing the milk, medicine and supplies that we will need. There is a huge chance that this year is going to be especially brutal. Folks are seeing the horses starving to death, as there has been so much snow. Pregnant moms are starving while carrying their foals. It is a big mess, and NOW IS THE TIME to get ready.

Thank you for being there and for making it possible to save so many lives. As always, YOU are the reason we keep doing what we do. So please help us get caught up, and get ready for these precious babies.

Please help us “git ‘er done”!

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