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Blue Needs Your Help!


The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue:

Help Blue Step Into His New Future!

Blue is a young mustang gelding out of Nevada who came to AAE after Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund and Virginia Range Wild Horse Sanctuary asked for assistance with this handsome guy. He had a large mass over his rear fetlock/pastern area, and was unhalterable when he arrived at AAE.

He made great progress getting ready for his initial veterinary evaluation (exam, radiographs, and biopsy) resulted in a positive outlook. The bone in his fetlock area looked good and a biopsy confirmed the growth to be granulation tissue (proud flesh). However, due to the size of the mass, healing was expected to take considerable time.

We started working on gentling and desensitizing Blue to get him comfortable with his legs being handled for post-surgical care (treatment and bandaging). However, he experienced a set back with what we initially thought was a reaction to something (e.g. fly spray, a weed, a bite, or some other toxin) and required additional diagnostics, treatment and healing before we could move forward with surgery.

Blue made great strides with accepting humans and allowing his leg to be handled. Understandably, he was very sensitive with anything near the “blob”.  His surgery was successfully completed on Wednesday, August 23. Due to the size, nature, and location of the surgery, he will need long term bandaging and care for best healing results. We are anticipating needing lots of bandaging materials, post-op care, and likely the use of sedation in early visits to ensure safe handling.



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