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The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue:

All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc.

Thank you for all of the concerned messages about the bad link for Ell. 

It’s so nice to know so many people want to help!!

Here is a new link you can use!

We are so grateful for everyone’s support so far!

Donate for Ell!

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About Ell: Ell is a young, captive bred/born mustang, only about 18 months old. Ell has an entire life ahead. With everyone’s help, we can make sure Ell has the best chance at a pain free life. Initial surgery and care costs (e.g. hospitalization, diagnostics, meds, vaccines, exams, etc.) are in the $2500 to $3000 range, barring any complications. If another surgery is needed, we’ll keep you updated and revisit funding, if necessary. 

Surgery is scheduled September 6, 2022, after Ell finishes a round of antibiotics.

 Can you help Ell? This sweet lil’ mustang deserves it! 

 There are so many horses in need right now, if we can all do a little to help the ones we can, together, we will all be able to make a difference for that many more.

This video has a few new clips than the one in our original email so be sure to watch.

Meet Our Newest Herd Member-in-Need!

Ellie recently arrived at AAE after a local family reached out for help. They “rescued” young Ell when they got “the ugly colt” for free from a backyard breeder. They were told he needed “a little” cosmetic surgery. They felt really bad for the skinny little guy and wanted to get him out of there. Sadly, the breeder didn’t take responsibility for the “little” issue and passed it on to the unsuspecting family. They really wanted to help.

After meeting with two different vets right away and trying to help Ell, they realized this was more than a “little” surgery. There was concern Ell might be a hermaphrodite, and it could be more complicated than cosmetic. After several months of trying to meet Ell’s needs, they realized it was more than they could manage. They wanted the best chance for Ell and reached out to AAE for help.

You see, Ell was born with a congenital abnormality – Ell has a sheath, but it appears he doesn’t have a penis (though, there’s a chance it’s stuck inside him or it’s not where it belongs). For now, we assume Ell is a colt, but missing his part. We’re waiting for updated blood results to check testosterone levels. Could there be hidden testicles, too?

Ell is able to pass urine, but big surprise, without a penis, Ell can’t urinate normally. Urine dribbles from his sheath almost continuously. Sadly, the urine scalds Ell’s skin around his sheath, down his belly, and down his legs. Poor little thing, it’s so painful. Though we do what we can to minimize the scalding, it’s painful being treated, too.

Ell needs surgery to remove some of his sheath to allow urine to flow freely. Depending on blood results, a second surgery may be in store. For now, we’ll focus on fixing the sheath.

All things considered, Ell is the sweetest little thing. That said, Ell has some strong opinions about things and wasn’t very good with hoof handling. Considering sheath cleanings and scalding, it’s understandable. He’s learning to give his hooves, and we’re working on the basics, too, like trimming his hooves, vaccines, and a change in diet to help him put on a little weight. Ell’s already come a long way in a short time at AAE. Let’s give him a chance!

If you’re able to help Ell have a better life, please make a donation toward his surgery and care costs on his behalf.

Donate for Ell!

With Your Support,

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