ACTION ALERT: Help wild horses in CA


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

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The U.S. Forest Service is now seeking public comments on its plan to launch yet another helicopter assault on the wild horses of California.

This latest cruel and inhumane proposal comes on the heels of two years of rounding up and removing almost 1,500 horses from the Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory on the Modoc National Forest in northeast California. Now, the Forest Service is targeting 500 more horses for removal this fall in order to appease private ranching interests that view the horses as competition for resources on the 258,000 acres of public land where the Devil’s Garden mustangs live.

We still have time to speak up for our wild horses, Meredith. Will you take 3 minutes now to tell the U.S. Forest Service there’s a better way?

This should not surprise you: While the Forest Service only allows between 206-402 wild horses on the Territory, it authorizes as many as 3,700 cattle and 2,900 sheep to graze for six months a year – all at taxpayer expense.

Adding insult to injury, the cost to taxpayers for rounding up Devil’s Garden wild horses over the last three years is more than $1.5 million!

Instead of launching yet another costly, traumatic and potentially deadly roundup, the Forest Service needs to protect this historic wild horse herd by managing it humanely in the wild with a comprehensive, scientifically proven PZP fertility control program.

Weigh in NOW before the August 20 public comment period deadline: Join us in defending the Devil’s Garden wild horses →



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