2020 Heritage Rides Postponed, Contribute to the EHF


The following is from the Colorado Horse Council:

2020 Heritage Rides have been Postponed

These fundraising rides must be postponed because of the uncertainty as to when we can hold these rides due to various constraints with trail usage, social gatherings and travel restrictions. We are confident we’ll get programs started to help support the work of the Colorado Horse Council.

This fundraising program is necessary for the Council to continue its work in the state of Colorado.

Work is currently in process for the development of the Equine Heritage Foundation.

The Equine Heritage Foundation

Mission and Purpose

Promote the Heritage of the Horse, which is rich and meaningful in our state and requires continual education in the areas of welfaretraininglegal responsibility and the cultural understanding.

 Protect the Heritage of the Horse, which encompasses the rights of individuals to enjoy, own and actively use the natural resources and the manmade infrastructure our state has to offer for equestrian activities.

Develop the future Heritage of the Horse, which has a meaningful human and financial impact in our state which includes quality of life components that is inherent in the reasons why people live, work and play in Colorado.

Make a startup contribution to the

Equine Heritage Foundation,

These startup donations will help with the planning and the development of promotional and educational programs for the Colorado Horse Council which includes the

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

(Remember to build an account at the Equine City Hall, if you do not have one)


Donation to Equine Heritage Foundation

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