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Make Sure Your Representatives Have Signed


The following article is a post from the American Wild Horse Preservation.

Make sure your representatives in Congress have signed our Keep Wild Horses Wild Pledge. Since you’re a constituent, we’re hoping you can send them an email to request that they sign, because wild horses need their support now more than ever.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is out of money and holding space and cannot round up more horses from the wild. But drought and widespread livestock grazing are creating a crisis, and ranchers and their allies in Congress are lining up against wild horses. They’re pushing the BLM to shoot horses on the range and sell those stockpiled in holding facilities “without restriction,” which is code for slaughter.

We, the grassroots army of citizens who care about America’s mustangs and burros, are the only thing standing between these national icons and tragedy both on and off the range. It’s critically important that we line up our own support in Congress for safe and sustainable reforms.

By signing the pledge, members of Congress agree to oppose any effort to slaughter wild horses and support efforts to manage wild horses in the wild, where they belong. This should be a no brainer.

Please make sure your representatives know where you stand on this issue and ask them to stand with you by signing the Keep Wild Horses Wild Pledge.

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The Mule Whisperer


MerMuleWhisperer_CCI have been called “the Mule Whisperer,” but I must admit that the mules have been whispering right back at me for over forty years now! Mules have taught me practically everything I know about training equines and for that, I am eternally grateful…and so are the people and their equines who learn from me! I am so proud of my fans and the successful accomplishments they’ve had with their equines! Thank you all for your kind updates and correspondence! Keep up the great work!

Meredith Hodges

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What’s New with Roll? Leading the Hourglass Pattern


Roll had a really good leading workout today. He did do very well negotiating the gate.


Roll stayed in sync almost without a misstep during the whole lesson!


He did bend his body nicely through the rib cage around the cones.


He did seem to have a little trouble aligning his back feet. He kept getting them a little closer to each other than he has in the past, but it will improve with practice.


When I asked for more energy, he had it! A marked improvement from the beginning of his training!


Roll is rounding across the top line and stepping well underneath with his hindquarters.


Roll gets more gorgeous every day! For a mule, his mane and tail are amazing!


Lengthening his stride is no longer an issue!


He stays in sync with every step I take.


With nice clean halts…


…and exceptionally straight rein backs…


…he’s a STAR!



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