The Mule Whisperer


MerMuleWhisperer_CCI have been called “the Mule Whisperer,” but I must admit that the mules have been whispering right back at me for over forty years now! Mules have taught me practically everything I know about training equines and for that, I am eternally grateful…and so are the people and their equines who learn from me! I am so proud of my fans and the successful accomplishments they’ve had with their equines! Thank you all for your kind updates and correspondence! Keep up the great work!

Meredith Hodges

  1. laura04-17-2014

    Dear Meredith, There might be others who call themselves a mule or horse whisperer but you are the greatest of them all! Your contributions to the equine world are tremendous. You have earned the respect and accolades of your peers. A person who is interested in becoming a better mule owner or horseman needs education, no matter what your level of expertise. Your library of videos and books are as good as it gets! Thank-you for being so generous with your time and recourses.

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