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What’s the Big Idea? Spuds and Augie’s New Harness



Remember last month when Spuds and Augie tried on the smallest harness we had—and it was still a bit too big for them? Well, lucky for these little guys, their new harnesses have now arrived! Check out the adorable photos below, as they get the first fitting of their new gear… Before we try on our nice new clean harness, we must get clean!
Do these harness bridles have a built-in binky?! Oh, so it’s called a bit?!
Hey, guys…check this out!... Looks a little like the tour cart to me!
Yeah Spuds, we need you both headed the same way!
Looks like everything is going to fit!
Yep! That’s the way we’re going to do it when we finally get hitched! Good boys!!!

These boys are doing GREAT! Totally resistance free!


  1. Suzanne03-10-2012

    I have two minis and I’m looking for harness and a cart for them? Where would I go to get that size

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