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We auditioned & you can help us (and Burros!) get on TV


The following post is from the Youths’ Equine Alliance.

Dear friends of the horses and burros,

I have been invited to audition for a casting call for a reality TV show about kids who are making a difference in the world! Now I need your help to show producers we have an audience of people who want to see kids making a positive difference and support our efforts to save horses and burros.

I think that this couldn’t have come at a more crucial time because of what is happening to the burros! We have an opportunity right now to reach in the hearts and homes of America and to expose the sinister plans of the organizations charged with protecting our wild horses and burros.

Every click of support (whether watching, sharing, or donating) not only encourages our youth but also shows producers that America wants to see kids with horses and the differences they make for each other.

Here’s how you can help us help the burros (and horses).
Sign (the petition is to TV producers showing your support for kids and horses and taking a stand against sending burros to Guatemala)
Give (no amount is to small or too great)

Its thanks to you that we are still going strong and making noise for horses! Its thanks to you that myself and my friends have a brighter future! Its thanks to you that the voiceless equines have a chance to be heard.

Robin Warren

Thank you to everyone that is helping us continue our mission.

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