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Townhall Time


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

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Where does your member of Congress stand on protecting wild horses? If you don’t know, now’s the time to find out. And if they’re supporting slaughter, now is the time to change their mind. Votes are expected in September that may decide the fate of American wild horses.

Take action right now while your member of Congress is home for August recess:

1) Find out if your member is holding a town hall:

If they are, please attend and ask them if they will stop any attempts towards the slaughter, euthanasia, or destruction of healthy wild horses. If they answer, make sure to let us know their answer:

2) No town hall? Call your member’s district (not Washington D.C.) officeand ask them if you can schedule a meeting with your congressperson or legislative aide. You can find the number for your congressperson here. And you can look up talking points here. Be sure to email us if you schedule a meeting!

3) In addition to meeting in-person, make sure to keep calling and emailing. You can use our tool here to get in touch now.

Keep up the pressure! #NoHorseSlaughter #NoRecessForHorses!

– Grace Kuhn

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