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The Foals From Slaughter


The following is a post from Chilly Pepper Equine Rescue.

Hi y’all,
It is May 19, 2015 and so much has happened in the last few weeks. We were able to pick up the Rolling Foal Hospital trailer. This trailer is named “Maverick’s Legacy” in honor of his short life.

A good friend told me that maybe Maverick was never meant to be long here on this earth. His life was short and he was here to promote awareness of the horrors of slaughter and the unintended consequences, ie. the babies of slaughter. Although my heart is broken into a million shattered pieces, I will forever be grateful for every moment of his precious life, and will work even harder in honor of that little life.

We have been in contact with some folks who are actively trying to work with the people who are sending these horses to the auction yard, to come up with a mutually beneficial plan which would result in stopping the sale of these horse for slaughter.

Until then, we need to step up and support these babies and find them their forever homes. We are hoping that y’all will want to be part of this solution and be active in making these changes.

The base care for an orphan foal is approximately $300 each month for the first couple of months. After that the costs decrease. This does not include any type of veterinary care, medication, basics like bedding and all the other items we go through like crazy.

We now have 6 orphans that we are supporting. We had 8, but Mav is not with us and we found a wonderful home for one of the babies. So our base cost for feed alone is about $1800 per month and bedding is about $12 per day.

So please help us save these precious lives, and remember, they are available for adoption to good homes. We welcome visitors and donations at Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang, Equine Rescue & More., 34694 Sidebottom Rd., Shingletown, CA 96088 You can reach us at 530 474 5197, or visit our website at

Thank you for all you do for the horses!

Palomino, Matt and the critters at Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang, Equine Rescue & More!

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