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The BLM Blues


The following article is from the Youths’ Equine Alliance.

We are loading up the car as you read this, heading out for the “Wild Horse Faire” festivities. I get to be on a parade float! There’s a pancake breakfast, a parade, and at the end of the day there is a benefit concert too – I do hope you will come say hi and celebrate the horses with us tomorrow.

But my heart is very heavy today. I am overwhelmed by all the sadness the horses are facing. Sometimes, I feel like its hard to have a good time, knowing how much they suffer.

We have been marching in the advocacy ranks for years now and we have seen many promises come and go…but never have we seen so many horses in such great distress.

30 mustangs stolen in Colorado
75 mustangs dead in Kansas
800 mustangs scheduled to be removed in Wyoming
3000 corralled mustangs and burros without shelter Nevada

Its alarming! This article by Steven Tendo of The Garden City Telegram is a must read – the photos, and the comments validate our concerns.

They keep bringing more and more horses in but they had half as many adoption events this year as last year! How can the BLM expect to find homes for horses if they don’t have adoption events? They spend a lot of money on promotional marketing items about the adoptions. Pens, posters, and magnets are meaningless without the events to back them up.

So, you can understand another reason why I am kind of blue today, after working so hard on raising awareness about adopting the wonderful mustangs and burros this year I feel like I had a bad lab partner and got an “F.”

I will hold my head high at the parade. We will continue to spread the word about adoptions. We will continue to get our friends involved and to celebrate our efforts and achievements. As long as you are with us, we will keep marching on.

Thank you for your continued support.

Urgent donations will be used on our trip as we travel our great state. With your help, I’ve already traveled 3,500 miles in 2014 for horses and I’d travel a million more if it means saving them. How many stops we are able to make on this tour depends on help from our supporters like you.

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