Wrangler’s Donkey Diary: First Farrier/Veterinarian Check-up 7-7-17

Oats will definitely make this better!

Nice to meet you Farrier Dean!

You know it’s not polite to stare!

So all you want me to do is walk around?

Nice to meet you Dr. Farrand!

Yes, the chafing from the trailer is a bit sore..

…but nothing that Neosporin can’t handle.

 It looks worse than it really is.

So you want me to stand up straight?

Checking my heart rate?

Checking respiration? Ooh, that tickles!

Can you see anything through the hair?

Do you see anything in there?

That is a bit bright on the eye!

Does it look okay, Doc?

I know I have very small feet!

Yup, small feet and big ankles..fetlocks!

The other front is small, but good, too!

Checking my pulse and I passed my health check!