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Gamilah Unbridled, The Journey Starts Today

We’ve got some exciting news! Patrick Sullivan of Modern Day Horsemanship will be visiting AAE April 8-12.

Patrick and his beloved horse, Gamilah (or Gami), are kicking off an epic adventure across America in pursuit of LIBERTY! It starts TODAY! Patrick and Gami have an incredibly special bond, and he wants to share it with you in his journey of a lifetime, Gamilah Unbridled. Their journey will take them 2500 miles across Highway 50, from California to Kentucky, as they promote the art of liberty, connecting with horses without the use of ropes or control devices. The most remarkable part their journey is Patrick will be riding Gami bareback AND bridleless the entire way.

As much as we’d like to invite everyone to participate, due to COVID-19 and other circumstances, this is a private training activity at AAE. However, Patrick’s journey will be shared via livestream and video on his Facebook Page, Gamilah Unbridled.

Because Patrick’s love of horses was molded by his experience working as a trainer at WindyHill Equine Rescue and Rehoming, Patrick wants to feature the work rescues do. Patrick selected one rescue in each state to stop and spend five days working with five horses to share what he and Gami have learned about the liberty training. All education and work along the way will be FREE of charge to the organizations, and donations during these events will go to each individual non-profit!

The deep connection between horses and humans is what inspires our every day work at AAE, and we are honored to be part of Patrick and Gami’s journey. The five lucky AAE horses selected to participate with Patrick are DieselJackClareChesney, and Teea. Patrick’s team will document each day, and by the end of the five days, we’ll see incredible results with each of the horses. Patrick and Gami’s adventure is dedicated to those who Dare to Dream. If you have a passion and love for horses, and you want to develop a deeper connection and stronger bond with your horse(s), be sure to follow their journey through social media. Feel free to send him a message, a word of encouragement, or a donation to help cover their expenses. You can even bring your horse out for a ride to join them for part of their trip, but be sure to contact Patrick directly.

Boots and Bling 2021, It’s BACK!!

We are so excited to announce that our 8th Annual Boots and Bling event will be Saturday August 21st! We are currently planning for this event to be in-person at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds. This event will feature a BBQ dinner, live and silent auctions, and stories from our barn including horses, volunteers and forever homes. We hope you will be able to join us!

We are looking for volunteers to help with event planning. Do you have experience with event planning, sponsorship and auction solicitation, event decor, ticket sales, and/or volunteer coordinating? If you are interested in helping please email BandB@allaboutequine.org

If you are interested in becoming an event sponsor, please email sponsor@allaboutequine.org

If you are interested in donating to our live and/or silent auctions, please email Dani@allaboutequine.org

Adoption Story: Ralphie

Ralphie arrived at AAE last October after his family could no longer manage his health issues. Thanks to your support, he was able to have life-saving surgery to remove his eye due to a cancerous mass on his lower right eyelid. He also had a mass removed from on his hind pastern. He seemed to be doing well post-op; unfortunately, complications arose only a few days after surgery. His eye orbit developed a hematoma and subsequently excessive drainage. He returned to the hospital for nine days. Once back at AAE, thanks to the outpouring of support he received from all of you, he adapted very well to his new life with “univision”. His leg healed very nicely, too.

As best we knew, Ralphie didn’t have much training, so we sent him to work with one of our trainers, Ashley, who was one of our youth adopters from about 10 years ago. She started her training career with her adopted horse, Takela – her heart horse – and she did an amazing job! Sadly, she recently lost Takela to a very bad colic. Ralphie made great progress from the get-go. Much to their surprise, she and her family were so smitten with this big fella, they wanted make him part of their family, and so it was! The universe has such an incredible way of bringing us just what we need, exactly when we need it!


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