Another Augie and Spuds Adventure: Mini Mania

Spuds and Augie had a very special adventure this week. Though the two mini donkeys have been getting along with each other and the mules in the neighboring stalls, they’d never met the other “minis” on the ranch—Frances, Franklin and Mirage. That changed today when they all came out for a playdate in the indoor arena. Seeing all these little guys working together really proves that size doesn’t matter!

“Yippee! It’s a good day for an adventure!”
“Hey, who are these guys in our usual spot?”
Augie and Spuds, I would like you to meet Frances, Franklin and Mirage!
“Wow, I’ve never seen so many minis in one room!”
“Whatever's next, I guess we’ll want to look good for our new friends!”
“Oh, Spuds, quit being silly. It’s just the indoor arena!”
“Hey, where is Meredith going? And where are those other little guys?”
“Oh, here they come! Looks like we get to hang out with them in here, too.”
“This playtime is pretty fun with so many minis!”
“Spuds, what could be next?”
“We’ve never been in the round pen with them! I wonder if they’ve been practicing like we have?”
“Hey, Spuds, turn around—I think we’re supposed to follow the others!”
“Okay, I get it—look at us go!”
“Oops, Spuds, did she just say ‘Whoa?’”
“Move a little faster, Augie, I can’t get this horsey hotshot off my 'ass'!”
“Hey, Spuds, they’re gone now—let’s go play!” “Just a minute, Augie, I’m being praised.”
“Come on, Spuds, she’s calling us. It’s time to go!”
“Hey hotshot, get out of here! It’s our turn first.”
“I told you so!”