‘Tis the Season – Day 10 Amigo

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Amigo came to AAE with two of his buddies in mid-January 2018 from a neglect situation. He weighed about 850 pounds. As thin as he looks in photos, he was much thinner. His coat was thick with dead undercoat that felt like an old rug hiding his bony skeleton beneath.

Amigo was started on a slow refeeding program consistent with UC Davis’ protocol for rehabilitating starved horses. After about a week at AAE, he had a minor bout of colic. He battled through it like the survivor he is! He was also covered with hundreds of ticks.

We were told he was 29. We were told he was a riding horse, but bucks after a couple hours (at his age, I’m sure he’s saying, enough already!). Other than that, the rest is a mystery. Amigo is very easy to handle, he is very patient with handling his hooves, he thoroughly enjoys grooming and attention, and water/bathing are not an issue.

Though emaciated and starving, this ol’ guy has a heart of gold. He craves attention and simply enjoys being in the presence of humans. He’s a great reminder of how fragile yet resilient horses are, and he holds no grudges for humans, even though he wasn’t treated so kind. Once he gained some weight and stabilize, his teeth were floated, hooves were trimmed, vaccines were updated. he was dewormed, and he got a microchip. He slowly came back to health.

Amigo returned to good health, and he’s in great condition. There could not be a more sweet, kind, lovable old fella! This guy is an absolute gem, and a volunteer favorite. We LOVE this ol’ guy and everything about him.

Amigo is such a great ambassador for horses with AAE’s new volunteers. He’s just a big love! He couldn’t be more easy to handle. He is patient, he’s kind, and he’s one of the most dependable horses at AAE. At 34, this ol’ guy calls AAE home, his last stop.

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