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The following is from Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue:

Its the time of year we run our annual appeal!
We set a goal for our greatest need and create a fundraiser. When asked what we need we don’t normally know what to say besides the normal hay, grain and supplements. This year it has become quite apparent that we need a more adequate shelter for our quarantined animals. We have done a lot of research on what would best suit our needs, and that is a 12×24 shelter with two stalls. We would like the second stall for storing hay grain, etc. so we don’t contaminate the rest of the farm by bringing items back and fourth.

The shelter we have been using really took a beating in the last wind storm we had when it went belly up. We think the animals that are rescued by us should have a better welcome than this. The Shelter we are currently using has been good as a temporary emergency shelter. It was put up in the middle of last February before bailing two Belgian draft mules from the kill pen. The rain, wind, and snow still get into the shelter, which waists shavings that should be dry. We think the incoming long ear members of SYA deserve to have a cozy shelter to welcome them into our embrace. With a new shelter we could ensure they will be safe, warm and dry. This is very important to us as the first couple of weeks we spend with the donkey/mule are a sensitive time. We let them adjust, we do not force them to be friends with us. We show up, we are present and we give them what they need to heal physically and emotionally. Eventually this helps us to better get to know them when they are in a more comfortable state. When an animal comes in this time of year, it increases the risk of colic and other issues significantly.

In addition to raising money to purchase a new shelter for our fur babies, we are trying very hard to replenish our bank account to stock up on things like grain, hay, supplements that we need or the daily care of the animals. We believe it is our purpose and calling in life to make a difference in these equines lives. We have all the love in the world to give, but unfortunately love does not pay the vet bills, farrier bills, the animals groceries, and shavings. It takes a lot of time and money and heart to do this work, and of course dedicated supporters like yourselves.

Last year we did not reach our goal, we are very hopeful this year that we will. Please help us by supporting our cause!

Happy Holly-brays!


Hannah, Ann, & The SYA Team


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