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A Very Thankful Giving Tuesday

As many of our newsletter supporters know, last year was very challenging for SYA and all involved. We went through a major farm pandemic, whereas this year we are navigating through a worldwide pandemic. There is no way we would have been able to get through last year without all of our caring supporters to help us, financially and with your kind encouragement.
So to those of you who are reading, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to continue to save donkeys and mules in need. We could not do it without you.

Some of you may remember Walton and Hobie, who we rescued just a year ago this month. They could not have landed in a better home. These guys have gotten the happy ending they so deserved.

By Hobie
Oh, hi! My name is Hobie, and I’m living in a dream!
My BFF is Walton, we are such a happy team.
But it was just a year ago we knew that we would die
Without some help from folks like you, and let me tell you why.
I wasn’t always happy! I was used for basketball.
My bones and knees still show the scars of many slips and falls.
Walton was a fine show-horse, somebody’s pampered boy
Until the day they let him go, discarded like a toy.
We landed in a killer’s lot, lost, shivering, and scared.
We were starving, cold, and wounded, and it seemed nobody cared.
The other horses on the lot were fighting for their lives.
Their circumstances were as bad as those we have described.
They kicked and bit and drove us off so we could never eat.
My gentle friend could not defend us from their teeth and feet.
Our coats were thin, our teeth were bad, our ribs were caving in.
We thought that we would never have a loving home again.
A kind man found us just in time and took us from that hell.
He kept us safe until he found a place that suited well.
Hannah came and fetched us, and we really made her cry;
And then Ann and Hannah fed us and they made us warm and dry.
They fixed our teeth and trimmed our feet and made us whole again.
And then they found our great new home! And here we will remain
To roam a big green pasture with soft beds and piles of hay,
And eat warm mush and many treats, and petting all the day.
So if you wonder if it counts that you support our cause,
remember what you’ve done to save many lives like ours.
Thanksgiving is the day that we say thanks to SYA
Because without your help, we would not be alive today!

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